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Voth, D.R. 1972 Life history of the caligid copepod Lepeophtheirus hospitalis Fraser 1920 (Crustacea: Caligoida). Ph.D. Thesis, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, U.S.A.
Volume: 157 pp.
Volkmann-Rocco, B. 1972 Tisbe battagliai n. sp., a sibling species of Tisbe holothuriae Humes (Copepoda, Harpacticoida). Archivio di Oceanografia e Limnologia
Volume: 17(3):159-273, figs. 1-7.
Wilson: paper
Volkmann-Rocco, B. 1972 Species of Tisbe (Copepoda, Harpacticoida) from Beaufort, North Carolina. Archivio di Oceanografia e Limnologia
Volume: 17(3):223-258, figs. 1-20.
Wilson: paper
Volkmann-Rocco, B. 1972 The effect of delayed fertilization in some species of the genus Tisbe (Copepoda, Harpacticoida). Biological Bulletin, Woods Hole
Volume: 142(3):520-529, tabs. 1-2. (vi-1972)
Wilson: paper
Volkmann-Rocco, B. & B. Battaglia 1972 A new case of sibling species in the genus Tisbe (Copepoda, Harpacticoida). In: Battaglia, B. (ed.). Proceedings of the V. European Marine Biology Symposium, Padua
Volume: :67-80, figs. 1-6, tabs. 1-7.
Wilson: paper
Vitinja, M. 1972 Zooplankton in the Baltic and Gulf of Riga in 1970. In: Part II. Plankton. Annales Biologiques, Copenhagen
Volume: 27:74, tabs. 24-27. (i-1972)
Vives, F. 1972 Los Copépodos del SW. de Portugal en junio y julio de 1967. Investigación Pesquera, Barcelona
Volume: 36(2):201-240, figs. 1-12, tabs. 1-24. (ix-1972)
Wilson: paper
Vinogradov, M.E. 1972 Vertical stratification of zooplankton in the Kurile-Kamchatka Trench. In: Takenouti, A.Y. (ed.). Biological oceanography of the northern North Pacific Ocean. Dedicated to Shigeru Motoda. Tokyo
Volume: :333-340, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-3.
Subbaraju, R.C. & K. Krishnaswamthy 1972 Ecological aspects of plankton production. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 14(1):25-31, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-4. (v-1972)
Suárez-Caabro, J.A. & E.A. Shearls 1972 Macrozooplankton of Jobos and Guayanilla Bays, Southern Puerto Rico and its fluctuations under special conditions. Puerto Rico Nuclear Center, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.
Volume: 288 p
Viljamaa, H. 1972 Heisingin merialueen elaainplanktonista ja likaantumisen vaikutuksista siihen vuosina 1969 ja 1970. (Observations on the zooplankton and effects of pollution on the species composition in the sea area of Helsinki City in 1969 and 1970.) Vesisuojeulaboratorion tiedonantoja (Reports of the Water Conservation Laboratory)
Volume: 8. [In Finnish.]
Riley, Janet M. 1972

Distribution of zooplankton with particular reference to Acartia clausi and Acartia tonsa in Branford Harbor.

M.S. Thesis, Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.A.
Volume: 145 pp.
Irie, H. & I. Yamaji 1972 Distribution of zooplankton biomass in the Kuroshio and adjacent regions as viewed from the results of the examination of standard samples collected. In: Sugawara, K. (ed.). Proceedings of the second symposium on the results of the cooperative study of the Kuroshio and adjacent regions: Saikon Publ. Co., Ltd., Tokyo.
Volume: :329-334, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-3.
Ikeda, T. 1972 Chemical composition and nutrition of zooplankton in the Bering Sea. In: Takenouti, A.Y. (ed.). Biological oceanography of the northern North Pacific Ocean. Dedicated to Shigeru Motoda. Tokyo
Volume: :433-442, tabs. 1-2.
Haberezhnyi, A.I. & E.D. Vitkoskaya 1972 Sostav, chislennost' i nekotorye storony biologii Harpacticoida (Crustacea, Copepoda) v Kuchurganskom limane-okhladitele Moldavskoi G.R.E.S. Biologicheskie Resursy Bodoemov Moldavavii
Volume: 10:38-44, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-2. (18-ii-1972, Russian.)
Ibanez, F. & G. Seguin 1972 Étude du cycle annuel du zooplancton d'Abidjan. Comparaison de plusieurs méthodes d'analyse multivariable. Investigación Pesquera, Barcelona
Volume: 36(1):81-108, figs. 1-8, tabs. 1-8. (vi-1972)
Kotlyar, L.K. 1972 Sezonnye izmeneniya v populyatsii Calanus finmarchicus f. glacialis severo-vostochnoi chasti Okhotskogo morya. Seasonal fluctuations in the population of Calanus finmarchicus f. glacialis in the north-east Okhotsk Sea. In: Biologicheskie osnovy i puti povysheniya effektivnosti estestvennogo razmnozheniya i iskusstvennogo razvedeniya tsennykh promyslovykh ryb. Biological principals and ways of increasing the efficiency of natural reproduction and rearing of valuable commercial fishes., Trudy vses. Inst. nauchno.-issled. morsk. ryb. Khoz. Okeanogr.
Volume: 87(7):78-96, figs. 1-7, tab. (6-i-1972, Russian with English summary).
Kos, M.S. 1972 Vnutrividovaya differentsitsiya Calanus plumchrus Marukawa. Intraspecific differentiation of Calanus plumchrus Marukawa. In: Geograficheskaya i sezonnaya izmenchivost' morskogo planktona. Issledovaniya Fauny Morei, Leningrad
Volume: 12(20):111-145, figs. 1-28, tabs. 1-5.
Wilson: paper
Kortunova, T.A., L.F. Burlyaeva & L.N. Yarygina 1972 Rachok kalanipeda v Aral'skom more. Rybnoe Khozyaistvo, Moscow
Volume: 1972(7):32-33. (14-v-1972, Russian.)
Kowalczyk, C. 1972 Próba typologii jezior sosnowickick (Bialego, Bialskiego Czarnego) na podstawie skladu fauny skorupiakowej. An attempt at typology of the lakes Sosnowica (the lakes Biale, Bialskei, Czame) based upon the composition of the crustacean fauna. Annales Universitatis Mariae Curie, Sklodowska Section C Biologia
Volume: (C)27(4):31-39, fig. 1, tabs. 1-2. (Polish with Russian and English summaries).
Kow, T.A., M.T. Chang, Mee Yin Gan, Chiow Sang Tan, Ho Tar Foo & Jer La 1972 The distribution of plankton in Singapore Straits for the period from April 1968 to March 1969. In: Sugawara, K. (ed.). Proceedings of the second Symposium on the results of the cooperative study of the Kuroshio and adjacent regions: Saikon Publ. Co., Ltd., Tokyo.
Volume: :309-324, figs. 1-8, tabs. 1-2.
Lewis, A.G. 1972 Hydrographic conditions and the seasonal effect of an enrichment medium on the early developmental stages of Euchaeta japonica (Crustacea, Copepoda, Calanoida). In: Takenouti, A.Y. (ed.). Biological Oceanography of the northern North Pacific Ocean. Dedicated to Shigeru Motoda. Tokyo
Volume: :39-401, fig. 1, tabs. 1-2.
Lewis, A.G., P.H. Whitfield & A. Ramnarine 1972 Some particulate and soluble agents affecting the relationship between metal toxicity and organism survival in the calanoid copepod Euchaeta japonica. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 17(3):215-221, fig. 1, tabs. 1-3. (xii-1972)
Wilson: paper
Michajlow, W. 1972 Euglenoidina parasitic in Copepoda: an outline monograph. In: Kulerski., W.Z. (Translator), PWN-Polish Scientific Publishers, Warsaw.
Volume: :224 pp.
Michajlow, W. 1972 Mononema harpacticolens sp. n. (Euglenoidina) a parasite of Copepoda from Poland. Bulletin de l'Académie Polonaise des Sciences, Série des Sciences Biologiques
Volume: 20(1):43-44.
Michajlow, W. 1972 Formation and evolution of parasitism among Euglenoidina (Flagellata) - parasites of Copepoda. Parazitologiia
Volume: 6(1):3-7. (In Russian.)
Michel, R. & A. Fize 1972 Astasia diaptomi n. sp. (Euglenoidina), parasite de Diaptomus cyaneus intermedius Dussart, 1956 (Copepoda Calanoida). Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Séances de l'Académie des Sciences, Paris
Volume: (D)274(6): 904-905, pl. 1. (7-ii-1972).
Milne, L. & M. Milne 1972 Invertebrates of North America. Doubleday & Company, New York
Volume: 249pp.
Mileikovsky, S.A. 1972 In memoriam of member-correspondent of the Academy of Sciences of USSR Beniamin (Benjamen) Grigorevitch Bogorov. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 12(4):261-266. (With bibliography.)
Lewis, M.H. 1972 Freshwater harpacticoid copepods of New Zealand. 1. Attheyella and Elaphoidella (Canthocamptidae). New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research
Volume: 6(1-2):23-47, figs. 1-14. (vi-1972).
Wilson: PDF
Lewis, M.H. 1972 Freshwater harpacticoid copepods of New Zealand. 2. Antarctobiotus (Canthocamptidae). New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research
Volume: 6(3):277-297, figs. 1-11. (ix-1972)
Wilson: PDF
Minoda, T. 1972 Characteristics of the vertical distribution of copepods in the Bering Sea and south of the Aleutian Chain, May-June, 1962. In: Takenouti, A.Y. (ed.). Biological oceanography of the northern North Pacific Ocean. Dedicated to Shigeru Motoda. Tokyo
Volume: :323-331, fig. 1, tabs. 1-3.
Wilson: paper
Minoda, T., Y. Morioka & H. Shiga 1972 Distribution of zooplankton collected with MTD net. In: Preliminary Report of the Hakuho Maru Cruise KH-70-4 (IBP Cruise), July 29 - September 1, 1970, The Japan Sea
Volume: :23.
Paperna, I. & M. Lahav 1972 New records and further data on fish parasites in Israel. Bamidgeh, Bulletin for Fish Culture in Israel
Volume: 23(2):43-52, figs. 1-7, tab. (Vi-1971)
Mirzo'eva, L.M. 1972 Zhiznennyi tsikl i biologiya Sinergasilus lieni Yin, 1949 (Crustacea, Copepoda parasitica). The life cycle and biology of Sinergasilus lieni Yin, 1949 (Crustacea, Copepoda parasitica). Parazitologiya
Volume: 6(3):252-258. (14-iv-1972, Russian with English summary).
Patalas, K. 1972 Crustacean plankton and the eutrophication of the St. Lawrence Great Lakes. Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada
Volume: 29(10):1451-1462. (X-1972).
Wilson: paper
Patton, W.K. 1972 Studies on the animal symbionts of the gorgonian coral, Leptogorgia virgulata (Lamarck). Bulletin of Marine Science
Volume: 22(2):419-431, figs. 1-2, tab. 1. (vi-1972)
Wilson: paper
Patton, S., R.F. Lee & A.A. Benson 1972 The presence of unusually high levels of lysophosphatidylethanolamine in a wax ester-synthesizing copepod (Calanus plumchrus). Biochimica et Biophysica Acta
Volume: 270(4):479-488, figs. 1-4, tabs. 1-2.
Patriti, G. 1972 Étude préliminaire des effets de la pollution globale sur le peuplement planctonique des ports nord de Marseille. Marine Biology, Berlin
Volume: 12(4):300-308, figs. 1-5, tabs. 1-6. (ii-1972)
Parise, A. & M.G. Braioni 1972 Studi preliminari di energetica di una popolazione. Bollettino di Zoologia
Volume: 39(4):648-649. (30-Xii-1972)
Chislenko, L.L. 1972 Zooplankton bukhty Dikson (Karskoe more). Zooplankton of the Dikson Bay (Kara Sea). In: Geograficheskaya i sezonnaya izmenchivost' morskogo planktona. Issledovaniya Fauny Morei, Leningrad
Volume: 12(20:228-238, figs.1-3, tabs.1-2.
Chislenko, L.L. 1972 Vidovoi sostav i raspredelenie ekologi cheskikh kompleksov zooplanktona v Eniseiskom zalive. Specific composition and distribution of ecological complexes of zooplankton in the Enisei Gulf. Issledovaniya Fauny Morei
Volume: 12(20):239-260, figs. 1-21, tabs. 1-7.
Edmondson, W.T. 1972 The present condition of Lake Washington. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 18(1):284-291, figs. 1-5. (xi-1972)
Choe, S. 1972 Studies on the seasonal variations of plankton organisms and suspended particulate matter in the coastal area of Ko-ri. Journal of the Oceanological Society of Korea
Volume: 7(2):47-58, figs. 1-6, tabs. 1-5. (xii-1972)
Chiba, T. & K. Hirakawa 1972 Classification and communities of the zooplankton in the south-western Pacific Ocean, with special reference to Copepods. Journal of the Shimonoseki University of Fisheries
Volume: 21(1):67-80, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-2. (ix-1972)
Wilson: paper
Chiba, T. 1972 Plankton of the Indian Ocean. Marine Science, Gekkan Kaiyou
Volume: 4(6):24-29. (Japanese)
Wilson: paper
Elkaim, B. 1972 Inventaire d'espèces nouvelles ou peu signalées dans divers estuaires du Maroc. Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Naturelles et Physiques du Maroc
Volume: 52(3-4):205-208.
Einsle, U. 1972 Die räumliche Verteilung einiger pelagisch lebender Crustaceen im Litoral des Mindelsees. Schr. Ver. Gesch. Bodensee
Volume: 90:259-269.
Egborge, A.B.M. 1972 A preliminary checklist of the zooplanktonic organisms of the river Oshun, in the western State of Nigeria. Nigerian Journal of Science
Volume: 6(1):67-71, figs 1a, 1b. (vii-1972)
Gueredrat, J.A. 1972 Influence of the equatorial divergence upon the zoogeography and vertical distribution of some bathypelagic copepods in the Pacific Ocean. In: Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Oceanography of the South Pacific, Wellington, New Zealand, 9-15 February 1972
Volume: 1p. (Unpaginated abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Gruzov, L.N. & L.G. Alekseeva 1972 Geograficheskaya i sezonnaya izmenchivost' razmerov kopepod ekvatorial'noi Atlantike. Geographical and seasonal changes in the size of copepods in the equatorial Atlantic. Trudy Atlanticheskogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta Rybnogo Khozyaistva i Okeanografii
Volume: 37:352-377, figs. 1-10, tabs. 1-4. (24-i-1972, Russian.)
Gruzov, L.N. & L.G. Alekseeva 1972 O zavisimosti mezhdu vesom i dlinoi tela u osnovnykh grupp zooplanktona ekvatorial'noi Atlantiki. On the dependence between body size and weight in basic zooplankton groups from the equatorial Atlantic. Trudy Atlanticheskogo Nauchno-Issledovatel'skogo Instituta Rybnogo Khozyaistva i Okeanografii
Volume: 37:378-400, figs. 1-5, tabs. 1-3. (24-i-1972, Russian.)
Erekeev, H.E. & S.K. Kazalhbaev 1972 Zooplankton nerestilishch (Muinakskoe, Adzhibaiskoe i Dzhyltyrbasskoe) Aral'skogo morya. Zooplankton of Aral Sea spawning grounds (Muynak, Adzhibay, and Dzhyltyrbas). Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 8(3): 86-90, tabs. 1-2. (13-vi-1972, Russian, translation in: Hydrobiol. J., 8(3): 67-70).
Gurjanova, E.F. 1972 Fauna Tonkinskogo Zaliva i Usloviya ee Obitaniya. (The fauna of the Tonkin Gulf and its environmental conditions.) In: Bykhovsky, B.E. (ed.). Fauna Tonkinskogo Zaliva i Usloviya ee Syshchectbobaniya. (The Fauna of the Tonkin Gulf and Conditions of Life in it.) Issledovaniya Fauny Morei
Volume: 10(18):22-146.
Wilson: paper
Gurney, R. 1972 The plankton of Ormesby Broad. Transactions of the Norfolk and Norwich Naturalists' Society
Volume: 22(4):261-265.
Gulati, R.D. 1972 Limnological studies on some lakes in the Netherlands. 1. A limnological reconnaissance and primary production of Wijde Blik, an artificially deepened lake. Freshwater Biology
Volume: 2(1):37-54, figs. 1-6, tabs. 1-4. (iii-1972)
Gulyas, P. 1972 Zooplankton studies in the lake of Velence. Zooplankton vizsgalatok a Velencei tavon. Research in water quality and water technology. Vizminosegi es viztechnologiai kutatasi eredmenyek. Research Centre for Water Resources Development, Institute for Water Pollution Control. Budapest.
Volume: 2:56-82. (Hungarian with English abstract.)
Wilson: paper
Bresciani, J. & J. Lützen 1972 The sexuality of Aphanodomus (parasitic copepod) and the phenomenon of cryptogonochorism. Vidensk. Meddr dansk naturh. Foren
Volume: 135:7-20, figs. 1-3, pls. 1-2. (xii-1972).
Wilson: paper
Brickman, L.M. 1972

Base food chain relationships in coastal salt marsh ecosystems.

Ph.D. Thesis, Lehigh University
Volume: 179 pp. SIL QH541.5 .S24B84 1972a
Wilson: paper
Bright, T., F. Ferrari, D. Martin & G.A. Franceschini 1972 Effects of a total solar eclipse on the vertical distribution of certain oceanic zooplankters. Limnology and Oceanography
Volume: 17(2):296-301, figs. 1-2. (iii-1972)
Wilson: paper
Brodsky, K.A. 1972 Gruppirovki i rukovodyashchie formy zooplanktona Tonkinsogo zaliva v sezonnom aspekte. Communities and leading species of zooplankton of the Tonking Gulf in seaonal aspect. In: Bykhovsky, B.E. (ed.). Fauna Tonkinskogo zaliva i usloviya sushchestvovaniya. Issledovaniya Fauny Morei
Volume: 10(18):225-256, figs. 1-16. (5-iv-1972, Russian with English summary).
Wilson: paper
Brodsky, K.A. 1972 Phylogeny of the fam. Calanidae (Copepoda) on the basis of comparative-morphological analysis of its characters. Filogeniya semeistva Calanidae (Copepoda) na osnove sravnitel'no-morfologicheskogo analiza priznakov. In: Geograficheskaya i Sezonnaya Izmenchivost' Morskogo Planktona (Geographical and Seasonal Variability of Marine Planktonic Organisms.). Issledovaniya Fauny Morei (Explorations of the Fauna of the Seas)
Volume: 12(20):5-110, figs. 1-123, tabs. 1-21. (Russian.)
Wilson: paper
Anderson, R.S. 1972 Zooplankton composition and change in an alpine lake. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 18(1):264-268, figs. 1-2, tab. (xi-1972)
Wilson: paper
Anderson, G.C., B.W. Frost & W.K. Peterson 1972 On the vertical distribution of zooplankton in relation to chlorophyll concentration. In: Takenouti, A.Y. (ed.). Biological oceanography of the northern North Pacific Ocean. Dedicated to Shigeru Motoda. Tokyo
Volume: :34l-345, figs. 1-2.
Anonymous 1972 The Panamic Biota: some observations prior to a sea-level canal (symposium). Bulletin of the Biological Society of Washington
Volume: 2:i-viii, 1-269.
Anonymous 1972 Abteilung Planktologie. Studien über Nahrungsaufnahme, Wachstum und Nahrungsumsatz an marinen planktischen Copepoden. In: Hickel, W. (ed.). Jahresberichte der Biologische Anstalt Helgoland
Volume: 1971:49-50, fig. 28.
Apostolov, A. 1972 Catalogue des Copépodes Harpacticoïdes marins de la Mer Noire. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 188(3-4):202-254, figs. 1-224. (iii/iv-1972)
Wilson: paper
Andronov, V.N. 1972 Novye vidy roda Parvocalanus (Copepoda, Paracalanidae). Some new species of the genus Parvocalanus (Copepoda, Paracalanidae). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 51(1):139-141, figs. 1-2. (4-i-1972, Russian with English summary).
Wilson: paper
Andronov, V.N. 1972 Sistematicheskoe polozhenie Paracalanus nudus Sewell, 1929 (Copepoda, Paracalanidae). The systematic status of Paracalanus nudus Sewell, 1929 (Copepoda, Paracalanidae). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 51(4):597-599, figs. 1-22. (31-iii-1972, Russian with English summary).
Wilson: paper
Andronov, V.N. 1972 Veslonogie rachki Bestiola gen. n. (Copepoda, Paracalanidae). Bestiola gen. n. (Copepoda, Paracalanidae). Zoologicheskii Zhurnal
Volume: 51(2):290-292, figs. 1-14. (2-ii-1972, Russian with English summary).
Wilson: paper
Angeli, N. 1972 Esquisse du profil biologique (plancton) d'un canal influencé par une pollution complexe d'origine industrielle: le canal de Seclin-Nord. Biologisch Jaarboek Dodonaea
Volume: 40:77-115, figs. 1-15, tabs. 1-3.
Binet, D., M. Gaborit & M. Roux 1972 Copépodes pélagiques du plateau ivoirien. Utilisation de l'analyse des correspondances dans l'étude des variations saisonnières. [Pelagic copepods of the Ivorian Plateau. Use of correspondence analysis in the study of seasonal variations.] Document Scientifique, Centre de Recherches Oceanographiques, Abidjan ORSTOM
Volume: 3(1):47-79. [In French.]
Valentin, J.L. 1972 La ponte et les oeufs chez les Copépodes du Golfe de Marseille: cycle annuel et étude expérimentale. Téthys
Volume: 4(2):349-390, figs. 1-28, tabs. 1-18. (xi-1972)
Vandendaele, V. 1972 Bijdrage tot de studie van de auto-ecologie van Eurytemora affinis in de Spuikom te Oostende. Contribution to the study on the autecology of Eurytemora affinis in the Sluice Dock, Oostende. B.Sc. Thesis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels, Belgium
Volume: 76 pp.
Varbapetyan, S.M. 1972 Troficheskie svyazi khishchnykh rakoobraznykh v ozernom zooplanktona. Trophic connections of raptorial Crustacea (Cyclops scutifer Sars and Leptodora kindtii Focke) in lake zooplankton. Ekologiya, Sverdlovsk
Volume: 3(3):38-44, tabs. 1-4. (5-v-1972, Russian.)
Vaupel Klein, J.C. Von 1972 A new character with systematic value in Euchirella (Copepoda, Calanoida). Zoologische Mededelingen, Leiden
Volume: 47:497-512, figs. 1-5, pls. 1-6, tabs. 1-2. (6-x-1972)
Wilson: paper
Vasilevskaya, L.K., N.N. Shevchenko & I.Ya. Sklyar 1972 O rasprostranenii Tracheliastes maculatus Kollar 1836 (Copepoda Parasitica) v vodokhranilishchak Khar'kovskoi oblasti i morfologii samki etogo vida. On the distribution of Tracheliastes maculatus Kollar, 1836 (Copepoda, Parasitica) in the reservoirs of the Kharkov province and the morphology of the female of this species. Problemy Parazitologii, Kiev. Trudy nauchn. konf. parazit. USSR, Akad. Nauk ukr. SSR, Inst. Zool.
Volume: 1972(1):127-128. (19-vii-1972, Russian).
Stock, J.H. 1972 A new species of Lamippidae (Crustacea, Copepoda) from the Red Sea. Beaufortia
Volume: 19(256):193-196, figs. 1-8. (30-v-1972)
Wilson: paper
Radulescu, I.I., T.T. Nalbaut & N. Angelescu 1972 Noi contributii la cunoasterea parazitofaunei pestilor din oceanul Atlantic. Nouvelles contributions à l'étude des parasites des poissons de l'océan atlantique. Buletinul de Cercetari Piscicole
Volume: 31(3-4): 71-76. (Roumanian with English, French and Russian summaries).
Carter, J.C.H. 1972 Distribution and abundance of planktonic Crustacea in Sturgeon Bay and Shawanaga Inlet, Georgian Bay, Ontario. Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada
Volume: 29(1):79-83, figs. 1-3, tab. 1. (i-1972)
Carr, W.E.S. & C.A. Adams 1972 Food habits of juvenile marine fishes: evidence of the cleaning habit in the leatherjacket, Oligoplites saurus, and the spottail pinfish, Diplodus holbrooki. Fishery Bulletin
Volume: 70:1111-1120.
Carter, M.E. & J.M. Bradford 1972

Postembryonic development of three species of freshwater harpacticoid Copepoda.

Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology
Volume: 119:1-26, figs. 1-14, tab. 1. (24-v-1972) SIL QL444 .C7C32 1972
Wilson: paper
Casale, A. 1972 Visione d'insieme del complesso ecologico e faunistico della grotta del Bue Marino (Cala Gonone, Dorgali, NU). Bollettino della Società Sarda di Scienze Naturali
Volume: 10:111-136.
Deevey, G.B. 1972 A new species of Temoropia (Copepoda: Calanoida) from the Sargasso Sea. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
Volume: 84(43):359-370, figs. 1-6. (29-ii-1972)
Wilson: paper
Dejoux, C. & L. Saint-Jean 1972 Étude des communautés d'invertébrés d'herbiers du lac Tchad: recherches préliminaires. Cah. Off. Rech. Sci. Tech. Outre-Mer, Hydrobiol.
Volume: 6(1): 67-83, figs. 1-5, tabs. 1-13.
Demirhindi, U. 1972 The preliminary planktonic investigations in the coastal lagoons and several brackish water lakes of Turkey. Istanbul Universitesi Fen Fakultesi Mecmuasi
Volume: (B)37(3-4): 205-232, fig. 1, tabs. 1-11.
Dell, R.K. 1972 Antarctic benthos. Advances in Marine Biology
Volume: 10:1-216, figs. 1-17.
Carli, A. & C.L. Bruzzone 1972 Prima descrizione del maschio di Kröyeria carchariae-glauci (Copepoda: Eudactylinidae) Hesse, 1878 parassita delle branchie di Prionace glauca (L.). Bollettino di Pesca, Piscicoltura e Idrobiologia
Volume: 27(2):285-292, figs. 1-l6 on pls. 1-5.
Wilson: paper
Bernard, J.G. & R. Lagueux 1972 Association planctonique (Cladocères et Copépodes) d'un lac dimictique du Parc des Laurentides, Québec. Naturaliste Canadien, Quebec
Volume: 99:381-409, figs. 1-9, tabs. 1-9. (vii/viii-1972)
Berman, T., U. Pollingher & M. Gophen 1972 Lake Kinneret: planktonic populations during seasons of high and low phosphorus availability. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 18(1):588-598, figs. 1-6, tabs. 1-6. (xi-1972)
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No Volume Data Available
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