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Kesting, V. & C.D. Zander 2000 Alteration of the metazoan parasite faunas in the brackish Schlei Fjord (northern Germany, Baltic Sea). International Review of Hydrobiology
Volume: 85(2-3):325-340.
Kesting, V., S. Gollasch & C.D. Zander 1996 Parasite communities of the Schlei Fjord (Baltic coast of northern Germany). Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen
Volume: 50(4):477-496.
Ketchum, B.H. 1962 Regeneration of nutrients by zooplankton. Rapports et Procès-Verbaux des Réunions de la Commission Internationale pour l'Exploration Scientifique de la Mer Mediterranée, Monaco
Volume: 153: 142-147, fig. 1, tabs. 1-4. (ix-1962).
Ketchum, B.H. & J.H. Ryther 1966

Biological, chemical, and radiochemical studies of marine plankton.

Technical Reports of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Volume: 66-18:45pp. + appendices of station data.SIL QH91.8 .P5K43
Wilson: paper
Ketchum, J.T., F. Galvan-Magana & A.P. Klimley 2013

Segregation and foraging ecology of whale sharks, Rhincodon typus, in the southwestern Gulf of California.

Environmental Biology of Fishes
Volume: 96(6):779-795. 10.1007/s10641-012-0071-9
Ketelaars, H.A.M. & W.C.A. van Breeman 1993 The invasion of the predatory cladoceran Bythotrephes longimanus Leydig and its influence on the plankton communities in the Biesbosch reservoirs. Verhandlungen der Internationale Vereinigung für Theoretische und Angewandte Limnologie
Volume: 25(2):1168-1175.
Ketelaars-Henk, A.M., F.E. Lambregts van de Clundert, C.J. Carpentier, J. Wagenvoort-Arco & W. Hoogenboezem 1999 Ecological effects of the mass occurrence of the Ponto-Caspian invader, Hemimysis anomala G.O. Sars, 1907 (Crustacea: Mysidacea), in a freshwater storage reservoir in The Netherlands, with notes on its autecology and new records. Hydrobiologia, The Hague
Volume: 394:233-248.
Ketil, E., D.L. Aksnes & M.D. Ohman 1998 Advection and zooplankton fitness. Sarsia, Bergen
Volume: 83:87-93.
Ketmaier, V., D. Pirollo, E. de Matthaeis, R. Tiedemann & G. Mura 2013 Large-scale mitochondrial phylogeography in the halophilic fairy shrimp Phallocryptus spinosa (Milne-Edwards, 1840) (Branchiopoda: Anostraca) (vol 70, pg 65, 2008). Aquatic Sciences
Volume: 75(2):333-334. 10.1007/s00027-013-0288-5
Kettle, D. & W.J. O'Brien 1978 Vulnerability of arctic zooplankton species to predation by small lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush). Journal of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada
Volume: 35(11):1495-1500, fig. 1, tab. 1. (xi-1978)
Kettle, W.D. & F. deNoyelles, Jr. 1986 Effects of cadmium stress on the plankton communities of experimental ponds. Journal of Freshwater Ecology
Volume: 3:438-443.
Kettle, W.D., M.F. Moffett & F. deNoyelles, Jr. 1987 Vertical distribution of zooplankton in an experimentally acidified lake containing a metalimnetic phytoplankton peak. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences
Volume: 44, suppl. 1:91-95. (French summary.)
Ketzner, P.A. 1979 The effect of constant and varying temperature regimes on the genetic and physiological flexibility of the copepod Eurytemora affinis. M.S. Thesis, University of Marynald-Baltimore County, Catonsville, Maryland, U.S.A.
Volume: 40 pp.
Ketzner, P.A. & B.P. Bradley 1982

Rate of environmental change and adaptation in the copepod Eurytemora affinis.

Volume: 36(2):298-306, figs. 1-2, tabs. 1-3. (iii-1982)
Wilson: paper
Keulder, P.C. 1970 Hydrobiological aspects of the Orange/Caledon system. Newsletter of the Limnological Society of South Africa
Volume: 13, suppl.:56-65, figs. 1-9.
Key, D. 1965 Interim report on the tolerance of Mytilicola intestinalis (Steuer) to solutions of free chlorine and its use in limiting the further spread of the parasite. ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea) Council Meeting, Shellfish committee
Volume: 90:1-7, figs. 1-3. (Mimeographed.)
Keyse, M.D., K. Fortino, A.E. Hershey, W.J. O'Brien, P.W. Lienesch, C. Luecke & M.E. McDonald 2007 Effects of large lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) on the dietary habits of small lake trout: a comparison of stable isotopes (delta N-15 and delta C-13) and stomach content analyses. Hydrobiologia
Volume: 579: 175-185.
Khaberman, Y. 1970 On the seasonal dynamics of the pelagic zooplankton of Lake Peipsi-Pihkva. Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised, Biol.
Volume: 20(1):34-47, figs. 1-7, tabs. 1-3. (24-xii-1970)
Khaberman, Y. 1974 O dominiruyushchikh vidakh zooplanktona v pelagiali Chudsko-Pskovskogo ozera i ozera Vyrts'yarv. On the zooplankters predominating in the pelagic part of lakes Peipsi-Pskov and Vörtsjärv. In: Biolgiya presnovodnykh organizmov Estonii. Biology of Estonian fresh-water organisms., Hüdrobiol. Uurim.
Volume: 6: 56-72, tabs. 1-4.
Khaberman, Y. 1977 Seasonal dynamics of pelagic copepods of lakes Peipsi-Pihkva and Vörtsjärv. Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised, Biol.
Volume: 26(3):212-224, tabs. 1-15. (15-vi-1977)
Khaberman, Y. 1979 Sezonnaya dinamika zooplanktona pelagiali i opredelyayushchie ee faktory v Pskovsko-Chudskom ozera i ozera Vyrts'yarv. II. Opredelyayushchie ee faktory. Seasonal dynamics of zooplankton of pelagic regions of lakes Peipus-Pskov and Vörtsjärv and factors influencing it. 2. Factors influencing dynamics. In: Lokk, S. (ed.). Gidrobiologiya ozer Yulemiste i Pskovsko-Chudskogo. Hydrobiology of lakes Ülemiste and Peipus-Pskov., Hüdrobiol. Uurim.
Volume: 8:77-102, tabs. 1-6. (22-x-1979, Russian with English summary).
Khaberman, Y. 1981 Vesenni zooplankton nekotorykh ozer rusla Uzboya. The spring zooplankton of some lakes in the river-bed of Uzboi. Hüdrobioloogilised Uurimused
Volume: 10:53-66, tabs. 1-6. (31-iii-1981, Russian with English summary.)
Khaberman, Y. 1982 On the summer phyto- and zooplankton of Lake Palaeostomi. II. Number, biomass and production of zooplankton. Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised, Biol.
Volume: 31(4):283-291, tabs. 1-7. (11-x-1982, Estonian and Russian summaries.)
Khaberman, Y. 1983 On the summer phyto- and zooplankton of Lake Palaeostomi. III. Different groups of zooplankton. Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised, Biol.
Volume: 32(2):125-133, tabs. 1-2. (5-iv-1983, Estonian and Russian summaries.)
Khaberman, Y. 1984 On the zooplankton of the coastal water bodies of Saaremaa. In: Kangur, K. (ed.). (Biological features of the small lakes of Estonia): 23-40, figs. Akademyia Nauk estonskoi SSR, Talin. 148pp.
Volume: :23-40. (Russian with English summary).
Khaberman, Y. & A.K. Maemets 1968 O sezonnoi dinamike zooplanktona ozera Vyrts'yarv. On the seasonal dynamics of zooplankton in the Lake Vörtsyärv. In: Materialy XI. Konferentsii po Izucheniya Vnutrennykh Vodoemov Pribaltiki. Akad. Nauk Latv. SSR, Riga. Limnologiya
Volume: 3(1):188-192, figs. 1-2. (Russian.)
Khaberman, Y. & A.K. Maemets 1979 Zooplankton ozera Yulemiste. Zooplankton of Lake Ülemiste. In: Lokk, S. (ed.). Gidrobiologiya ozer Yulemiste i Pskovsko-Chudskogo. Hydrobiology of lakes Ülemiste and Peipus-Pskov., Hüdrobiol. Uurim.
Volume: 8:48-65, figs. 1-3, tabs. 1-8. (22-x-1979, Russian with English summary).
Khaberman, Y. & R. Laugaste 1969 On the interrelation between the phytoplankton and zooplankton. In: Trudy XV. nauchnoi konfer. po izuchenniyu vnutrennykh vodoemov pribaltiki. (Russian).
No Volume Data Available
Khaberman, Y. & R. Laugaste 1982 On the summer phyto- and zooplankton of Lake Palaeostomi. I. Species composition of phyto- and zooplankton. Brief characterization of the lake. Eesti NSV Teaduste Akadeemia Toimetised, Biol.
Volume: 31(3):226-232, fig., tabs. 1-2. (Estonian and Russian summaries.)
Khailov, K.M. & V.E. Erokhin 1971 Voprosy utilizatsii rastvorennykh organicheskikh veshchestv rachkami Tigriopus brevicornis i Calanus finmarchicus. On the utilization of dissolved organic matter by Tigriopus brevicornis and Calanus finmarchicus. Okeanologiya
Volume: 11(1):117-126, figs. 1-7, tab. 1. (22-xi-1971, Russian with English summary; translation, under same title, in: Oceanology, 11(1): 95-113).
Khairulina, E.N., A.G. Mints & T.A. Kislyakova 1969 Razvitie estertvennoi kormovoi bazy v vyrostnykh torfyanykh prudakh pri raznykh sposodakh udobreniya. Development of natural food organisms in peaty rearing ponds at different fertilizations. Trudy vses. nauchno-issled. Inst. ryb. prud. Khoz.
Volume: 16: 161-170, fig., tabs. 1-3. (Russian with English summary).
Khaitov, A. & A.M. Mukhamediev 1974 Materialy k izucheniyu zooplanktona Sel'burskogo vodokhranilishcha. Zool. Sb. Akad. Nauk tadzh. SSR
Volume: 1975(1): 278-285, figs. 1-2, tab. ( 15-ix-1978, Russian).
Khaitov, A., I. Ergashboev & Sh. Pardeev 1978 Zooplankton vodoemov zony zatopleniya Nurekskogo vodokhranilishcha i protsess ego stanovleniya i pervye tri goda napolneniya. Izv. Akad. Nauk tadzhik. SSR, Otdel. Biol. Nauk
Volume: 1978(1)(70): 12-18, fig., tabs. (21-vii-1978).
Khalaf, G., K. Nakhlé, M. Abboud-Abi Saab, J. Tronczynski, R. Mouawad & M. Fakhri 2006 Preliminary results of the oil spill impact on Lebanese coastal waters. Lebanese Science Journal
Volume: 7(2):135-153.
Khalaf, T.A. 1988 Calanoid copepods of Iraqi waters of the Arabian Gulf, systematic account, 1. Calanoida, Families Calanidae through Temoridae. Marina Mesopotamica / Majelat Wadi al-Rafedian li A'loum al-Behar
Volume: 3(2):173-207.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Khalaf, T.A. 1991 A new calanoid of the genus Acartia from Khor Abdulla and Khor Al-Zubair waters, Iraq. Marina Mesopotamica / Majelat Wadi al-Rafedian li A'loum al-Behar
Volume: 6(1):80-91.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Khalaf, T.A. 1992 Three calanoid copepods new to the Arabian Gulf. Marina Mesopotamica / Majelat Wadi al-Rafedian li A'loum al-Behar
Volume: 7(2):167-174.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Khalaf, T.A. 1994 Seasonal fluctuations in the distribution and abundance of copepods in the Khor Al-Zubair, SW Arabian Gulf, Iraq. Marina Mesopotamica / Majelat Wadi al-Rafedian li A'loum al-Behar
Volume: 9(1):29-38.
Khalaf, T.A. 2007 Post-naupliar stages of Acartia (Acartiella) faoensis, Khalaf (Copepoda :Calanoida), from Khor Al-Zubair south of Iraq. International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography
Volume: 2(1):179-186.
Khalaf, T.A. 2008 A new species of Phyllodiaptomus Kiefer (Copepoda, Calanoida) from the Shatt al-Arab River, southern Iraq. Crustaceana (Leiden)
Volume: 81(3):257-269.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Khalaf, T.A. 2008 New record of Bestiolina arabica Ali et al., 2007 (Calanoida: Copepoda) from Khor Al-Zubair canal and Shat Al-Arab river, Southern Iraq. Mesopotamian Journal of Marine Science
Volume: 23(2):377-386.
Khalaf, T.A. & S.K. Ajeel 1994 The distribution and abundance of zooplankton in the NW Arabian Gulf, Iraq. Marina Mesopotamica / Majelat Wadi al-Rafedian li A'loum al-Behar
Volume: 9(2):397.
Khaleghzadeh-Ahangar, H., M. Malek & T. Valinasab 2009

First record of the parasitic copepod, Brachiella trichiuri Gnanamuthu, 1951 (Crustacea: Lernaeopodidae) on Trichiurus lepturus L. (Osteichthyes: Trichiuridae) in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian Journal of Animal Biosystematics
Volume: 5(2):17-21.
Khalid, N.Q.A. & F. Shaharoum-Harrison 2014

The life cycle of the parasitic crustacean, Lernanthropus latis Yamaguti, 1954 (Copepoda: Lernanthropidae), on marine-cultured fish, Lates calcarifer, from Setiu Wetland, Terengganu.

Journal of Parasitology Research
Volume: Article No. 697134:1-6.
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Volume: 91 pp.
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Volume: 9(2):66-69.
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Volume: 38(2):110-113, figs. 1-8.
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Volume: 6(1):58-63.
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Volume: 38: 293-307
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Volume: 165 pp.
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Volume: 39:201-207, figs. 1-2. tab. 1.
Khalil, M., D.N. Furness, V. Zholobenko & D. Hoole 2014

Effect of tapeworm parasitisation on cadmium toxicity in the bioindicator copepod, Cyclops strenuous.

Ecological Indicators
Volume: 37:21-26;. 10.1016/j.ecolind.2013.09.033 A
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Volume: 196:201-207.
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Volume: 19:927-936.
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Volume: 1972(2):91-96, tabs. 1-2. (26-vii-1972, Russian with Azerbaidjan summary).
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Volume: 92 pp.
Khamees, N.R. & F.T. Mhaisen 1988 Ecology of parasites of the cyprinid fish Carasobarbus luteus from Mehaijeran Creek, Basrah. Journal of Biological Sciences Research, Baghdad
Volume: 19(2):409-419. (Arabic summary.)
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Volume: 20(1):133-138.
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Volume: 35(2):297-304, fig. 1, tabs. 1-2. (14-viii-1970)
Khan, A.A., M. Ali & N. Haque 1986 Population ecology of zooplanktion in polluted pond at Aligarh. Proceedings of the National Symposium on Environmental Biology of Coastal Ecosystems, Mangalore University, Mangalore, India, 21-28 November 1985.
Volume: Pp. 75-82.
Khan, A.M. 1992 Physicochemical characteristics of Vishnupuri Dam water with special reference to plankton. Ph.D. Thesis, Marathwada University, Aurangabad, India.
No Volume Data Available
Khan, H. 1944 Study in diseases of fish: infestation of fish with leeches and fish lice. Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Section B, Biological Sciences
Volume: 19(5)171-175, figs.1-4.
Khan, J. Ali, vide: Ali-Khan, J. Year Not Available No Title Available No Journal Data Available
No Volume Data Available
Khan, J.A. & A.Q. Siddiqui 1971 Water, nitrogen and phosphorus in freshwater plankton. Hydrobiologia
Volume: 37(3-4):531-536, fig. 1, tab. 1. (3-v-1971)
Khan, M.A. 1976

Cymbasoma williamsoni sp. nov. (Copepoda-Monstrilloida-Monstrillidae) from Manora Channel (northern Arabian Sea).

Journal of Science, University of Karachi
Volume: 4(1-2):47-51.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Khan, M.A. 1977 New record of Conchyliurus maximus Reddiah (Cyclopoida-Clausidiidae) from Sanguinolaria (Soletellina) diphos (Gmelin) from Karachi coast, Pakistan. Biologia, Lahore
Volume: 23(1):95-97, fig. 1.
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 15(2):167-174.
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Volume: 25:182-203.
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Volume: 45(1):79-80.
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Volume: 5:285-303, figs. 1-8. (xi-1970)
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Volume: 17(5):525-532.
Khan, M.A. & W.M. Kamran 1974

Cymbasoma tirmizei sp. nov. (Copepoda-Monstrilloida-Monstrillidae) from Manora Channel (northern Arabian Sea).

Journal of Science, University of Karachi
Volume: 3(1-2):55-59.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Khan, M.A., R.K. Saxena & B.D. Saroj 1987 Mass cultivation of plankton: the effect of fertilization and harvest. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of India, Section B, Biological Sciences
Volume: 57(3):216-224, figs. 1-5.
Khan, M.A., W.M. Kamran & M.F. Khan 1988

Occurrence of Cymbasoma rigidum Thompson (Copepoda, Monstrilloida, Monstrillidae) from Manora Channel (Northern Arabian Sea).

Agriculture Pakistan
Volume: 26(1):113-116.
Khan, M.A.I., A.M.M. Maruf Hossain, M.E. Huda, M. Shahidul Islam & S. Fazle Elahi 2007 Physico-chemical and biological aspects of monsoon waters of Ashulia for economic and aesthetic applications: Preliminary studies. Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research
Volume: 42(4):377-396.
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Volume: 6(13):1092-1095.
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Volume: 18(2):137-146.
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Wilson: PDF
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Volume: Chapter 22
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Volume: Chapter 6.
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Food selection by Labeo rohita (Ham.) and its feeding relationship with other major carps.

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Zur Kenntnis der languidus-ähnlichen Cyclopiden: Cyclops languidus Sars var. intermedia nov. nom.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 58(9-10):279-283. (20-ii-1924)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1924 Eine neue Harpacticidenform des Süsswassers: Canthocamptus cuspidatoides nov. spec. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 59(11-12):304-307, figs. 1-6, tab. (5-vi-1924)
Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Volume: 61(9-10):218-221, figs. 1-3. (20-xi-1924)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1924

Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde. 1. Canthocamptus pygmaeus Sars. 2. Ein neuer Fundort von Diaptomus denticornis Wierz. im Schwartzwald. 3. Epactophanes richardi Mràzek.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 59(7-8):200-204, figs. 1-8. (5-v-1924)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1925 Ruderfusskrebse aus dem Gebiet der oberen Donau. Mitteilungen bad. Landesver. Naturk.
Volume: n. ser. 1(16/17): 339-347. (20-i-1925).
Wilson: paper
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Wilson: paper
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Volume: 3:257-266.
Kiefer, F. 1925 Moraria duthiei (Scott), ein neues Glied der deutschen Copepodenfauna. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 63(11-12):329-332, figs. 1-10. (20-viii-1925)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1959

Prof. Dr. Max Auerbach 80 Jahre alt. 

Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Volume: 55(4):595-597.
Kiefer, F. 1925 Ein neuer Süsswasser-Copepode aus Südamerika: Cyclops delachauxi n. sp. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 63(1-2):46-47, figs. 1-5. (5-vi-1925)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1926 Über einige Krebse aus der Wasserleitung von Oefingen. Schr. Ver. Gesch. Naturg. Baar
Volume: 16: 273-283.
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1926 Nitocrella chappuisi n. sp., eine neue Harpacticidenform aus dem Grundwasser. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 66(9-12):252-256, figs. 1-13. (20-iv-1926)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1926

Über einige Süsswasser-Cyclopiden aus Peru.

Archiv für Hydrobiologie
Volume: 16(3):494-507, figs. 1-22.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1926

Die languidus-Gruppe der Gattung Cyclops (Copepoda).

Internationale Revue der Gesamten Hydrobiologie und Hydrographie
Volume: 14(5-6):341-370, figs. 1-8.
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1926 Diagnosen neuer Süsswasser-Copepoden aus Afrika. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 66(9-12):262-269, figs. 1-5. (20-iv-1926)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1926 Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (III). 6. Cyclops kieferi Chappuis, ein weiteres neues Glied der deutschen Grundwasserfauna. 7. Canthocamptus laccophilus Kessler und Canthocamptus cuspidatoides Kiefer. 8. Cyclops diaphanus var. dengizica Lepeschkin und Cyclops buxtoni Gurney. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 67(3-4):103-107, figs. 1-8. (20-v-1926)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1926

(8). Zwei neue Ruderfusskrebse aus Südamerika.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 67(7-8):221-223, figs. 1-15. (20-vi-1926)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1926 Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (IV). 9. Neue Cyclops-Arten. 10. Ein neuer Diaptomus aus Westafrika. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 69(1-2):21-26, figs. 1-12. (5-xi-1926)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1927

Versuch eines Systems der Cyclopiden.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 73(11-12):302-308. (5-x-1927).
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1927 Neue Untersuchungen über die Süsswasser-Cyclopiden. Mikrokosmos, Stuttgart
Volume: 21(4):71-75. (1928)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1927 Die deutschen Arten der Süsswasser-Cyclopiden. Mikrokosmos, Stuttgart
Volume: 21:199-203. (1928)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1927 Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (VI). 12. Über einige südamerikanische Cyclopiden. 13. Ein neuer Cyclopide aus Indien. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 74(5-6):116-122. (5-xi-1927).
Wilson: paper
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Volume: 20:155
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1927 Kleinkrebse in Wasserleitungen. Mikrokosmos
Volume: 20(7):140-141, fig. 1.
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1927

Beitrag zur Kenntnis der freilebenden Copepoden Ungarns (I. Teil).

Archivum Balatonicum, Budapest
Volume: 1:400-420, figs. 1-42. (31-xii-1927)
Wilson: paper, PDF
Kiefer, F. 1927

Zur Kenntnis der Entomostraken von Brunnengewässern.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 71(1-2):5-14, figs.1-10.
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1927 Freilebende Süsswasser-Copepoden aus Nordamerika. I. Cyclopiden. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 72(9-10):262-268, figs. 1-14. (20-vii-1927)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1927

Beiträge zur Kopepodenkunde (V). 11. Diaptomus pontifex Brehm und D. incrassatus Sars.

Volume: 9(3-4):104-105.
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928

Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (IX). 19. Über drei Bryocyclops-Arten aus Java. 20. Ein neuer Diaptomus von den Philippinen. 21. Zur Copepodenfauna Südostchinas. 22. Zur Kenntnis eines japanischen Diaptomus.

Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 76(3-6):99-110, figs.1-26, 2 tables (1-iv-1928).
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928 Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (VII). 14. Über einige Boeckelliden. 15. Zur Nomenklatur zweier Halicyclops-Arten. 16. Über Systematik der Oithona- und Cyclopina-Änlichen. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 75(7-10):216-223, figs. 1-7. (15-ii-1928)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928 Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (X). 23. Zur Kenntnis des Cyclops crassicaudoides Kiefer. 24. Zur Synonymie zweier Diaptomus-Arten aus Südamerika. 25 Diaptomus 'Zichyi' Daday 1908. 26. Diaptomus insulanus Wright und D. sensibilis Kiefer. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 78(5-8):169-174, figs. 1-2. (1-ix-1928)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928 Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (VIII). 17. Neue Cyclopiden aus Neuseeland. 18. Diaptomiden und Cyclopiden aus Südafrika. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 76(1-2):5-18, figs. 1-37. (15-iii-1928)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928 Zur Kenntnis der geographischen Verbreitung von Bathynella chappuisi Delachaux (Syncarida). Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 78(5-8):123-125, fig. 1. (1-ix-1928)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928 Beiträge zur Copepodenkunde (XI). 27. Eine neue Unterart des Cyclops crassicaudis Sars. 28. Ein Paracyclops fimbriatus mit aussergewöhnlich gebautem fünften Fusspaar. 29. Die Gattungsnamen Paracyclops Claus, Ectocyclops Brady und Platycyclops Sars. Zoologischer Anzeiger
Volume: 79(7-8):244-250, figs. 1-5. (1-xii-1928)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928

Beitrag zur Kenntnis der freilebenden Copepoden Marokkos.

Bulletin de la Société des Sciences Naturelles du Maroc
Volume: 8(4-6):87-108, figs. 1-34. 30-vi-1928
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928

Zur Kenntnis der Mikrofauna von British Indien. IV. Copepoda Cyclopoida.

Records of the Indian Museum, Calcutta
Volume: 30(4):387-398, figs. 1-9. (xii-1928)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928 Über Morphologie und Systematik der Süsswasser-Cyclopiden. Zoologische Jahrbücher, Abteilung für Systematik
Volume: 54(5-6):495-556, figs. 1-65. (8-iii-1928)
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1928

Crustacea I. Copepoda aquae dulcis.

Faune des Colonies Françaises
Volume: 1:535-570, figs. 1-48.
Wilson: paper
Kiefer, F. 1929

Zur Kenntnis einiger Artengruppen der Süsswasser-Cyclopiden.

Zeitschrift für Wissenschaftliche Zoologie
Volume: 133(1-2):1-56, figs. 1-61. (i-1929)
Wilson: paper

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