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Strophia ferruginea Maynard, 1896

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Strophia ferruginea Maynard, 1896: 19-21, pl. 4, figs. 5,6.; Harasewych et al., 2007:407-408, fig. 59.

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Geographic Distribution: Hispaniola.

Type Locality: Washed up by the tide near Jeremie, Cote de Fer” [18° 40' N, 74° 13' W]

Maynard (1896:21) noted that "Jeremie is in Hayti, on the southwest portion," and that "Cote de Fer" refers to iron shore.

Type Material: Lecctotype, MCZ 076230

Additional Records

99 H 77 Collected dead, weathering out of alluvial deposits, Trou Bonbon, west of Jeremie, Departement de Grande Anse, Haiti, Hispaniola [18° 39.83' N, 73° 14.85' W]. USDA APHIS PPQ REFERENCE COLLECTION D. G. Robinson & I. V. Muratov! March 1997

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