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Cerion fraternum Pilsbry, 1902

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Cerion eximium fraternum Pilsbry, 1902: 265-266, pl. 38, figs. 79,80; Clench, 1938:531-532.

Cerion fraternum Baker, 1963:206.

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Geographic Distribution: Watling Island (San Salvador), Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: San Salvador?? or Little San Salvador

Clench (1938:531-532) remarked "

This is a diminutive race of Cerion exirniurn and apparently quite rare. We did not find it on northern Cat Island, though it occurred­ sparingly on Little San Salvador. A few specimens found at this latter locality are hybrids, between fraternum and liliorum.

The exact type locality is unknown but as Bland had received other species of Cat Island material from near the center of the island, it is quite probable that his fraternum material came from the same area.

The type lot [of fraternum] described by Pilsbry was in the Swift collection, origi­nally supplied by T. Bland. The original collector was H. Bryant, who had collected at The Bight, San Salvador during a trip to Gt. Inagua in 1866.


Type Material: Lectotype, ANSP 7418

Baker (1963:206) selected the smaller of the two figured specimens (fig. 79) as the lectotype.

Additional Records

CAT sta. 10 Rusted old crane, old airport about 3 miles E of Arthur’s Town, Cat Island, Bahamas., Cat Island, Bahama Islands [24° 38.098' N, 75° 39.477' W]. [USNM 1112679] H. G. Lee, A. Joffe, G. Schmelz ! April 9, 2008

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