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Strophia palida Maynard, 1889

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Strophia palida Maynard, 1889a:pl. 2 figs. 14,14B; Harasewych et al., 2007:382-384, fig. 14.

Strophia pallida Maynard, 1889b: 70-71.

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Geographic Distribution: Inagua, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: southern shore of Inagua

In cultivated fields on slopes of hills bordering the southern shore of Inagua [Bahamas], 15-20 miles from Mathewstown.

Type Material: Holotype, MCZ 076250


The publication of the plate and its caption, on which the taxon name is spelled palida (one l) preceeded the publication of the text, in which the taxon name is spelled pallida (two l's).  While it seems clear that Maynard intended the taxon to be known as pallida, it is not possible to consider palida as an "incorrect original spelling" within the confines of Article 32.5.1 (ICZN, 1999:39), since there is no clear evidence to suggest an alternative spelling within the original publication itself.   This taxon was listed as S. pallida by Clench (1957:156).   Clench (1959:45) included this taxon [as pallida] in the synonymy of Cerion (Diacerion) rubicundum (Menke, 1829).


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