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Strophiops lineota Maynard, 1889

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Strophia lineota Maynard, 1889a:20-22,pl.2,figs.7,7B.; Harasewych et al., 2007:379, fig. 7.

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Geographic Distribution: Little Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Type Locality: Cocoa-nut grove South side of Little Cayman, Cayman Islands [19° 49' N, 79° 57.833' W]

I found the Lined Strophia in a small cocoa-nut grove on the south side of Little Cayman, near the east end, and more rarely in the cocoa-nut grove near the boat landing, on the south side of Cayman Brac. This spot on Little Cayman, about a half acre, was occupied by them exclusively, while on the other key, they mingled with the Common Strophias. They were probably transported from one place to the other by boat, the original locality, probably, being Little Cayman.

            The cocoa-nut grove where I found these Strophias, was situated directly on the shore, some miles from any settlement, and was com­pletely isolated from all other colonies of Strophias. The width of the key intervened between this point and a colony of S. copia on the north shore, two miles, at least, of nearly naked, jagged rocks, as impassable to a mollusk of this species, as would be the wide Atlantic, and there was no vegetation in this direction, to induce them to extend their colony, and between them and the several species that occupied the west end of the island were miles of rocky country and the mangrove swamp.  I found them very abundant, clinging to the fallen cocoa-nut leaves and other debris that lay upon the ground. They were gathered in close clusters of many individuals, often one top of another." (Maynard, 1889:21-22)

Type Material: Lectotype, MCZ 246346

Clench (1964:368) designated MCZ 246346 as lectotype. The other syntype became a paralectotype. The remaining 998 specimens have no status as types (Harasewych et al., 2007:379).


Clench (1964:368) regarded this taxon to be a synonym of Cerion pannosum (Maynard, 1889).

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