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Strophia levigata Maynard, 1889

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Strophia levigata Maynard, 1889a:12-13,pl.2,figs.2,2B.; Harasewych et al., 2007:375-376, fig. 2.

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Geographic Distribution: Little Cayman, Cayman Islands.

Type Locality: West end of Little Cayman [19° 39.5' N, 80° 6.5' W]

The habits of the Smooth Strophias are even more solitary than those of the Ragged Strophias, as they occur in isolated groups of four or five individuals, and these groups are scattered at rather wide inter­vals along the only two paths that cross the key anywhere; these start together on the south side but emerge about a mile apart, on the north side, near the west end. They may have occurred elsewhere in the in­terior, but the almost impassable character of the thick jungle, and the rough ground from which it springs, render traveling very difficult, often impassible without cutting away the shrubbery." (Maynard, 1889:13)

Type Material: Lectotype, MCZ 247021

Clench (1964:368) designated MCZ 247021 as lectotype. There is one paralectotype. The remaining 148 specimens have no status as types (Harasewych et al., 2007:375).


Clench (1964:368) included this species in the synonymy of Strophia pannosa Maynard, 1889.

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