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Pupa glans Küster, 1844

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Pupa glans Küster, 1844: 74-75, pl. 11, figs. 1, 2; Pfeiffer, 1848:316-317.

Cerion (Strophiops) glans Pilsbry, 1902: 253:, pl. 43, fig. 56.

Cerion glans Clench, 1934:213-214; Clench, 1938:526-527; Clench, 1952:108.

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Geographic Distribution: New Providence and Adjacent Islands, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: locality unknown [New Providence Island, Bahamas, fide Clench, 1952:108]

Type Material


Clench (1934:213) reports this species from Bannerman Town; Page Creek; Wemyss Bight; John Millers; Rock Sound (all southern Eleuthera, February, 1934), noting there is considerable variation, especially in the number of ribs and in the size of the specimens.

Clench (1952:108) adds records from Current Settlement, Egg Island, Glass Window, Royal Island, Spanish Wells, St. George Cay from Northern Eleuthera.

Clench (1938:526-527) reported specimens from several localities on Cat Island, including: Bachalar; Knowles; 1 mile E of Hollywood; 3 miles E of Smith Town; Old Bight; Turtle Cove Settlement. 

Clench (1952:108) regarded Dall's (1905:51) record of C. blandi from the Glass Window to be C. glans.

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