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Cerion pauli M. Smith, 1943

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Geographic Distribution: Exuma Group of Islands, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: Stewart Manor Hill, Exuma (main island), Bahamas.

Type Material: Holotype, FMNH 174322, Paratypes, ANSP 180518.


"Cerion pauli is the most slender Cerion so far discovered. No other species seems to approximate it.  A study of the anatomy may reveal that it should be placed in a new genus or subgenus.  A few examples of this species lack the chestnut colored flame-like markings, being of a uniform light color. 

The two new Cerions are named in honor of Paul Dean Ford the well known malacologist of Nassau, Bahamas, President of the Bahamas Conchological Society, who supplied the specimens."

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