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Strophiops normanii Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1920

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Strophiops normanii Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1920d:123, Plate 21, fig. 8, Plate 20, fig. 5 (as normandi).

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Geographic Distribution: Exuma Group of Islands, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: West Hill, Little Norman's Key, Exuma Group, Bahamas.

Type Material: Lectotype, MCZ 76248

There are 1146 paralectotypes, including MCZ 76249 and USNM 420094 (100 specimens).


The taxon name originally appeared as Strophiops normanii in the heading of the original description, but as S. normandi in the caption to the figures in the plate.  The spelling normandi is an "incorrect original spelling" [Article 32.5.1, ICZN, 1999:39] and thus has no separate availability [Article 32.4, ICZN, 1999:39].  Clench (1957:155) listed this species as normanii. Maynard (1920d:123) reported this taxon to occur on the ground, with few living and many dead specimens.

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