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Strophia nivia Maynard, 1894

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Strophia curtissii nivia Maynard, 1894a:112-116 nivea in text, fig. 34A nivia in caption; Harasewych et al., 2007:390-391, fig. 26.

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Geographic Distribution: New Providence and Adjacent Islands, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: large cemetery to the eastward of Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas

Banyan tree near ruin in the cemetery where S. curtissii is found [large cemetery to the eastward of Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas].

Type Material: Holotype, MCZ 10279


The taxon name originally appeared as Strophia curtissii nivea in the heading of the original description, but as S. curtissii nivia in the caption to the figure within the body of the description.  Maynard (1913b:186) described S. varia-nivia as "Intermediate between varia and nivia."  With this usage of nivia, Maynard (1913b:186) acted as the First Revisor of spellings [Article 24.2.4, ICZN, 1999:30-31] and fixed the spelling of this species as niviaStrophiops nivia again appeared in Maynard (1921b:148) and in Maynard's [1924b?] sales catalog.  The spelling "nivea" appeared with a citation to the original description in Maynard (1920a:79).  Oddly, Maynard (1913b:186) described S. nivia as a new taxon while incorrectly listing the preceeding taxon, S. varia-nivia as previously described.  This is almost certainly an error in typesetting.  Strophiops nivia Maynard (1913) is a junior secondary homonym of Strophia curtissii nivia Maynard (1894) as well as an objective junior synonym as they have the same type specimen [see Taxon 72].

                Maynard (1894a:113) distinguished 2 forms [No. 1–No. 2] without naming them.  The type series is defined in Article 72.4 (ICZN, 1999:76) as "all the specimens included by the author in the new nominal taxon, … except any that the author expressly excludes from the type series, or refers to as distinct variants (e.g., by name, letter, or number)."  Thus, specimens representing forms No. 1–No. 2 are not paratypes of Strophia curtissii nivia.   In his discussion of S. nivia, Maynard (1921b:148) provided larger measurements (1.00 by .40 [inches; 25.4 by 10.2 mm]), listed 829 specimens rather than the 40 in the original description, and included citations to illustrations (Plate 44, figs. 3, 4) that were never issued.

                Clench (1957:155) listed this taxon as nivea and considered nivia an error for nivea. Gould and Woodruff (1986:476) regarded this taxon to be "intermediate" between Cerion glans (Küster, 1844) and C. gubernatorium (Crosse, 1869).

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