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Cerion knipensis H.B. Baker,1914

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Cerion uva knipensis Baker, 1924:102-103, pl. 19.

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Geographic Distribution: Curacao, Dutch West Indies.

Type Locality: Valley between Seroes Palomba and Baha Hoendoe, northern Curaçao. [12° 20.34' N, 69° 9.1' W]

Station Cb17b.  Valley between Seroes Palomba and Baha Hoendoe, northern Curaçao.  This north-facing canyon was collected during a rainstorm, when the molluscs were moving around on the surface; for this reason, the shells appeared much more abundant than in the other localities examined.  However, this was the most heavily wooded valley visited.  Most of the shells were obtained near its mouth, by Drymaeus virgulatus was more numerous at its head, near the saddle between Seroes Palomba and Baha Hoendoe (211.9 meters).

Type Material: Holotype, UMMZ 31778

The type specimen is identified in the caption to Plate 19.  [Pl. 19, F5]

Additional Records

C10 USNM 1155593, Within walled plot (goat corral), across road from Landhuis Knip, Curaçao, Curacao, Dutch West Indies [12° 20.68' N, 69° 8.63' W]. On cactus, thorny bushes, and rocks. USNM 1155593, specimens A-J are DNA sequence vouchers. M. G. Harasewych & G. van Buurt! June 23, 2011

C6 USNM 1155589, In wooded area west of smaller buildings at Landhuis Knip, Curaçao, Curacao, Dutch West Indies [12° 20.67' N, 69° 8.68' W]. On cactus, thorny bushes. M. G. Harasewych & M. Nizinski! June 21, 2011

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