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Cerion bonairensis H.B. Baker, 1924

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Cerion uva bonairensis H. B. Baker, 1924:105-106, pl. 21.

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Geographic Distribution: Bonaire, Dutch West Indies.

Type Locality: Porta Spaño, Bonaire [12° 14.06' N, 68° 16.68' W]

H. B. Baker, 1924:28) "Station B5. Porta Spaño (M; L68° 16.68', 12° 14.06'). At the top of the low cliffs that form the northern border of the broad plain of Campo Bolivia (0), the larger trees form rather open groves, which are as extensive as any in the islands."

Type Material: Holotype, UMMZ 31756

Type specimen identified in the caption to plate 21. [Pl. 21, fig. F6]

Additional Records

B1 USNM 1156515, NW of Rincon, Bonaire, Bonaire, Dutch West Indies [12° 16' N, 68° 21' W]. On cactus bases. USNM 1156515, specimens A-J are DNA sequence vouchers. Daniel Keil! June 20, 2011

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