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Strophia (Eostrophia) anodonta Dall, 1890

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Strophia (Eostrophia) anodonta Dall, 1890: 13, pl. 1, figs. 8c,8d.

Cerion (Eostrophia) anodonta Dall, 1915:28, pl. 1, fig. 15; Mansfield, 1937:70.

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Geographic Distribution: Florida.

Type Locality: ‘Silex bed” Balast Point, Tampa Bay, Florida. [27° 53.5' N, 82° 29.4' W]

Type Material: Holotype, USNM 111972

A single specimen in lot USNM 111972 corresponds to the illustration of this species, but the length measurement is too small by 14%. Label states "type" the term "fig'd" added in pencil later.


Despite Dall's assertion that this species has neither parietal nor columellar laminae and bears the name anodonta, the type specimens has a reduced, but clear parietal tooth in the normal position.

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