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Strophiops affinis Maynard, 1913

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Strophiops affinis Maynard, 1913b:184-185; Maynard, 1921b:144; Clench, 1957:136; Harasewych et al., 2007:412-413, fig. 67.

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Geographic Distribution: New Providence and Adjacent Islands, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: Sandy Key, New Providence Island, Bahamas

The original description listed this taxon as occurring on Sandy and Green Keys, [New Providence Island, Bahamas] living under different environment on each.  As the lectotype is from Sandy Key, the type locality is restricted to Sandy Key.

Type Material: Lectotype, MCZ 076124


Maynard (1921b:144) provided slightly different measurements [1.20 by .57 inches; 30.5 by 14.4 mm] and a reference to figures [Plate 44, figs. 5, 6] that were never published.  Gould and Woodruff (1986:474) had examined the "holotype" and synonymized this taxon with Cerion glans (Küster, 1844).

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