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Strophia eximea Maynard, 1894

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Strophia eximea Maynard, 1894b:177-179, text fig. 59A,B, 61A,B.; Harasewych et al., 2007:402, fig. 50.

Cerion eximium Clench, 1938:529-530, pl. 3, figs. 4-8; Clench, 1940:15.

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Geographic Distribution: Cat Island, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: Cat Island [Arthurs Town, by subsequent designation Clench, 1938:530]

Procured by Mr. Curtis in Nassau, from a creole who brought them from Cat Island. Clench (1938:530) noted "Specimens of the type series are identical to those of Arthurs Town and probably originally came from there. This place can be considered the type locality.

"This is by far the most abundant species of Cerion found on northern Cat Island. It existed in many diverse types of habitats, though it was absent from the higher ridges. It did not occupy the extreme outer or eastern coastal strip but did occur a short distance behind. As far as we are able to ascertain, all members of this group in the Bahamas, such as eximium (Cat, Long and Eleuthera Islands); agrestinum (New Providence), bendalli (Gt. Abaco); etc. do not frequent the exposed outer sides of these islands..."

Type Material: Holotype, MCZ 076243


Additional Records

CAT sta. 6 Smith Bay, Cat Island, Bahamas, Cat Island, Bahama Islands [24° 20.8' N, 24° 29.017' W]. [USNM 1112676] H. G. Lee! April 8, 2008

CAT sta. 7 Bennett’s Harbor, Cat Island, Bahamas, Cat Island, Bahama Islands [24° 33.583' N, 75° 38.083' W]. [USNM 1112677] H. G. Lee, A. Joffe, G. Schmelz ! April 9, 2008

CAT sta. 8 South of Dumfries, Cat Island, Bahamas, Cat Island, Bahama Islands [24° 34.383' N, 75° 38.383' W]. [USNM 1112678] H. G. Lee, A. Joffe, G. Schmelz ! April 9, 2008

LI-28 Long Island, Bahama, Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 39.28' N, 75° 19.25' W]. December 7, 2001

LI-34 Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 30.457' N, 75° 14.873' W]. December 9, 2001

LI-76 Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 28.976' N, 75° 14.356' W]. December 8, 2004

LI-33 Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 8.937' N, 75° 5.071' W]. December 9, 2001

LI-64 Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 23.31' N, 75° 9.769' W]. December 6, 2004

LI-65 Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 19.655' N, 75° 7.22' W]. December 6, 2004

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