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Pupa manica Lamarck, 1830 - Clench, 1957


Bulimus mumia BruguiŤre, 1792.

Pupa mumia Lamarck, 1819:105.

Pupa manica Deshayes, 1832:401 [incorrect subsequent spelling].

Pupa manica "Lamarck" Clench, 1957:152.


Clench's (1957:152) attribution of Pupa manica to Lamarck, 1830 is an incorrect attribution of the name.  The page containing the cited usage appeared in 1832 and is attributable to Deshayes (Evenhuis & Petit, 2003).  This species was described as Bulimus mumia by Bruguière, in 1792. Lamarck (1819:105) transferred the species to Pupa, listed it as Pupa mumia, and gave the correct Bruguière citation. Deshayes (1832:401) provided a list of species of Pupa that were described by Bruguière (1792) as Bulimus. The first item in the list is:   "Bulimus manica, no. 87. Pupa manica Lamk."  Since Bulimus mumia Bruguière is no. 87 in Bruguière, 1792,  manica is an incorrect subsequent spelling [Article 33.3, ICZN, 1999:42-43] by Deshayes.  As such, Pupa manica Deshayes, 1832 is not an available name.     

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