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Roper, C.F.E., and M. Vecchione

Pickfordiateuthis bayeri, a new species of squid (Cephalopoda: Loliginidae) from the western North Atlantic Ocean discovered by submersible.
Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash., vol. 10: 301-310.

ABSTRACT: We describe a previously unrecognized species of loliginid squid from the Bahama Islands, western North Atlantic. Two specimens of Pickfordiateuthis bayeri n.sp. were collected by submersible from a large aggregation in mid-water (110 - 113 m over a depth of 1000 m) offshore of Abaco Island. Both specimens were fully mature, mated, un-spawned females. We suggest that the occurrence of P. bayeri in this habitat, unusual for all known species of the genus, represents an offshore mating migration.

Pickfordiateuthis bayeri Fig 3A: In situ footage of large group from which the holotype specimen was collected. The group followed the submarine from the surface to about 275 meters depth. JSLII dive #1678 off Abaco Island, Bahamas, at a depth of 13 m.
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