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Department of Invertebrate Zoology

Sapphirina auronitens

A image of the Giant Squid Architeuthis dux (photographed by T. Kubodera)


These web pages have been created to serve as a multimedia appendix to traditional scientific publications on squids, octopods and their relatives. We have been working with in-situ observations on deep-sea cephalopods from submersibles for several years. Whereas the videotapes of these animals are suited perfectly for presentation at scientific meetings, traditional publication in paper journals has limited us to a few still frames, usually black-and-white. We want to augment these published papers here with digitized images from the videotapes, both color stills and video clips.

The format for these images is GIF for thumbnails, JPEG for still frames, and AVI and MPEG-1 for video clips.

We have also placed a cephalopod bibliography on line through the Smithsonian Institution Research Information System, "SIRIS". Look here for instructions on how to access it.

This page was created by Jim Felley, Mike Vecchione, Clyde Roper, Mike Sweeney, and Tyler Christensen. If you have questions or comments, contact Mike Vecchione.

This page was last updated on November 1, 2010

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