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Geographic Distribution

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Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

2 individual specimens found for Tromina dispectata.

Tromina dispectata Dell, 1990  Species


Original Description
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Original Description
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Tromina dispectata nom.nov.

Fusus unicarinatus Philippi, 1868: 223 (non Deshayes, 1835).

Trophon unicarinatus: Tryon, 1880: 151; Dall, 1902: 536.

Tromina unicarinata : Dall, 1918: 137; Dall, 1925: 28, pl. 21, fig. 7; Powell, 1951: 135; Cernohorsky, 1977: 110; Bouchet and Waren 1985, figs 328, 329.

MATERIAL EXAMINED: Hero Stn 450, 53°17'S, 68°13'W, 0-1 m.

DISTRIBUTION: Known only from Magellan Strait and the immediate environs in 0-86 m.

REMARKS: The figures and specimens of this species show marked differences in the development of the spiral keels. Dall's (1925) figure shows two strong keels on the last whorl, with the outer surface possibly worn. The specimens from Hero Stn 450 (e.g., Fig. 360) have rather more subdued spiral keels, while the specimen figured by Bouchet and Waren (1985) shows a comparatively strong adapical keel. The radula figured by Bouchet and Waren (1985: fig. 329) is typically trophonine. There seems little doubt that T. dispectata is a valid trophonine species. The specimens measured by various authors range from 7.4 to 9.1 mm in length. It is quite unlike any other trophonine species from the Magellanic region and is unlikely to be based upon juvenile shells.

(Dell, 1990: 208-209)

Geographic Distribution

Known only from Magellan Strait and the immediate environs in 0-86 m.


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  898373 4/21/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 53.3° S , 68.2° W 0 – 1 Hero R/V
  898471 3/5/1970 South Atlantic Ocean 53.1° S , 67.1° W 86 Hero R/V

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