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Geographic Distribution

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Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

1 individual specimen found for Phakellia ventilabrum.

Phakellia ventilabrum (Linnaeus)  Species


Original Description
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Original Description
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“S. ventilabrum, Lin. ? In the islands of Unst and Fulah, I picked up several specimens of a sponge, which agrees in many characters with the Spongia ventilabrum of Linnaeus. It has the reticular woody veins, the same kind of spongy covering, and the same general fan-like shape as the Sp. ventilabrum. The reticular woody fibres point out this as one of the species by which the Sponges are connected with the Gorgonias. It is said by some naturalists, that certain varieties of this species are funnel-shaped: it would seem, however, that these supposed varieties belong to a distinct species, which may be characterized thus: Spongia Zetlandica, venis lignosis reticularis, obtectis poro favagineo. This funnel-shaped sponge is distinguished from Spongia infundibuliformis of Linnaeus, by its reticular woody veins, which are wanting in the other, and by the nature of the spongy substance which covers and connects these veins, which in this species can be rubbed between the fingers when dry; whereas the sponge of the Linnean species is of a flexible elastic nature when dry, and its general consistence approaches to that of the common officinal sponge.”

(Jameson, 1811)


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  42842 1/30/1966 Scotia Sea 54.1° S , 52° W 1244 – 1771 Eltanin R/V

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