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USNM 612959

Geographic Distribution

Antarctic Convergence illustration Antarctic convergence

Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

8 individual specimens found for Margarites refulgens.

Margarites refulgens (Smith, 1907)  Species


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(Pl. II., fig. 7.)

Shell small, turbinate, very narrowly umbilicated, pearly iridescent, more or less covered with a whitish shelly film, smooth, with the exception of delicate oblique lines of growth; whorls 4, very convex, the last obliquely slightly descending; aperture moderately large, circular, beautifully bluish pearly within; peristome thin, the margins joined by a thin callus, columellar edge expanded and slightly reflexed.

Greatest diam., 5 millim.; height, 5.

Operculum very thin, yellowish horny, concave externally, many-whorled.

Winter Quarters, 10-130 fathoms.

A very beautiful little species, sometimes quite pearly externally as well as within. It is simple in design and ornamentation, exhibiting merely fine incremental striæ. It recalls the V. helicina, Fabricius, of northern seas, but it has a higher spire and a smaller body-whorl.”

(Smith, 1907: 11)


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  612959 Images Available   Antarctic Ocean      
  613054 Images Available 1/27/1958 Antarctic Ocean 65.93° S , 110.47° E 59 Atka R/V

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