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USNM 613064

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Antarctic Convergence illustration Antarctic convergence

Margarites crebrilirulata (Smith, 1907)  Species


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(Pl. II, fig. 9.)

Shell turbinate, very narrowly perforate, white, sculptured throughout with very fine numerous thread-like spiral lines, and fine oblique striæ of growth; spire elevated, conical, bluntish at the tip; whorls 5, the apical one smooth, glossy, suborbicular, the rest convex, but indistinctly angled at the middle, the angle in the body-whorl being above the periphery; aperture rather large, nearly circular; peristome continuous, outer margin thin, columellar edge a little thickened and reflexed.

Height, 6.5 millim.; greater diam., 6; aperture, 3.25 broad.

Hut Point, Feb. 13, 1904.

The spiral threads vary a little in slenderness. There are ten to twelve on the penultimate whorl, and twenty-five to thirty on the last. The umbilicus is a narrow perforation, partly covered by the reflexed columellar margin of the peristome.”

(Smith, 1907: 11)


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  613064 Images Available 1/11/1958 Ross Sea 72.29° S , 170.32° E    

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