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USNM 870949

Geographic Distribution

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5 individual specimens found for Amauropsis rossiana.

Amauropsis rossiana Smith, 1907  Species


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Original Description
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Amauropsis ? rossiana.

(Pl. I., figs. 6, 6a.)

Shell globose, imperforate, rather thin, clothed with a brownish olive periostracum, exhibiting fine oblique lines of growth, numerous rather obscure spiral striæ, and a few peculiar oblique malleations upon the last and penultimate whorls; sire somewhat raised, eroded at the apex; whorls 5 (?), 2-3 remaining ones very convex, separated by a rather deep suture; aperture obliquely semicircular, bluish white, occupying nearly ⅔ of the entire length of the shell; collumella oblique, rather straight above, curving anteriorly into the lower margin, covered with a white defined callus which is thickened and reflexed over the umbilical region. Length, 29 millim.; greater diameter, 25; lesser diameter, 21; aperture, 18 millim. long, 11.5 wide. Operculum unknown.

Hut Point, Feb. 13, 1904.

Two dead shells only were obtained at this locality. They are remarkable on account of the peculiar oblique obscure ridges upon the last and penultimate whorls. These are most noticeable upon the penultimate volution just above the insertion of the outer margin of the aperture. Between the oblique ridges the surface is somewhat flattened and has a malleated appearance. The species seems to be separable from the several forms which occur at Kerguelen Island. Provisionally placed in Amauropsis until the animal and operculum are known.”

(Smith, 1907: 5)


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  870949 Images Available 1/18/1967 Ross Sea 76.2° S , 168.3° E 70 – 81 Eltanin R/V
  886102 Images Available 1/21/1967 Ross Sea 76.5° S , 170.7° E 640 – 646 Eltanin R/V
  896155 1/29/1968 Ross Sea 76.4° S , 163.4° W 509 – 510 Eltanin R/V
  898152 1/26/1968 Ross Sea 78.4° S , 173.1° W 473 – 475 Eltanin R/V
  898181 1/31/1968 Ross Sea 75.9° S , 173.3° W 476 Eltanin R/V

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