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USNM 613024

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Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

2 individual specimens found for Nothoadmete consobrina.

Nothoadmete consobrina (Powell, 1951)  Species


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Admete consobrina n.sp. Pl. X, fig. 63

Shell small, thin, translucent with a pale buff epidermis ; ovate with a carinated shoulder. Spire less than one-third height of aperture. Whorls about 4½, protoconch small, eroded in only specimen. Sculpture consisting of distinct flat-topped spiral cords with interspaces varying from linear to half the width of the cords. The peripheral cord is strongest, and there are five cords above it and four below it on the spire-whorls and about thirty on the body-whorl from below the carina. The columella is a smooth vertical callus slightly flexed at the anterior canal and bears two very weak plications. Aperture narrowly ovate-pyriform. Outer lip thin and delicately corrugated by the external sculpture.

Height 9.75 mm.; diameter 6.6 mm.

TYPE LOCALITY. St. 159. North of South Georgia, 53° 52' 30" S, 36° 08' W, 21 Jan. 1927, 160 m.

It is very similar to Cancellaria (Admete) carinata Watson from Kerguelen Island, 28 fathoms, but that species has a smooth shoulder and only two spiral cords between the carina and the lower suture.”

(Powell, 1951: 167)


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  613024 Images Available   Davis Sea 66.55° S , 93.02° E 80  
  881982 4/12/1964 Scotia Sea 61.5° S , 41.9° W 604 Eltanin R/V

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