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USNM 360451

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264 individual specimens found for Hiatella arctica.

Hiatella arctica (LinnĂ©, 1767)  Species


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Saxicava arctica, Linné, 1767. Plate 55, figs. 6, a.

Shell small, polymorphous, inequilateral, usually oblong, very rugose, thin, sometimes fragile, young specimens very often with posterior spinous ridges, white or light brown. Beaks approximate, slightly raised, tumid, tricarinate, 1 anterior and 2 posterior, incurved and acute. Anterior end much shorter, usually truncated or convex and very rapidly descending; posterior end frequently very long, truncated or convex; the basal margin broadly convex or more or less deeply sinuated. Epidermis thin, dull, brown. Sculpture consisting of very irregular, concentric, sharply raised, often anastomosing riblets, crowded in front, distant and rather lamellar posteriorly; 2 sharp ridges are descending on each valve from the umbones towards the posterior end, and in young specimens are usually ornamented with small tubular spines. Colour light brown or nearly white. Interior white, slightly shining, smooth. Hinge very narrow; right valve with an oblique small tooth below and just in front of the umbo, and a socket behind it; left valve with a small, conical, upturned tooth a little behind the beak. Ligament external, short, rather prominent. Adductor-scars unequal, the posterior larger. Pallial sinus shallow.

Dimensions extremely variable, the greatest length of shells I have seen being 17 mm.

Hab. – Throughout New Zealand, Chatham, Auckland, and Kermadec Islands.

The species is apparently distributed all over the globe, and is found from low-water mark to about 500 fathoms.

Fossil in the Pliocene.”

(Suter, 1913)


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Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  360451 Images Available   South Pacific Ocean      
  869145 10/27/1971 South Atlantic Ocean   771 – 903 Hero R/V
  869146 10/28/1971 South Atlantic Ocean   342 – 353 Hero R/V
  869147 4/28/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 54.78° S , 64.71° W 13 – 37 Hero R/V
  869148 11/3/1971 South Atlantic Ocean   438 – 548 Hero R/V
  869149 10/26/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 54.6° S , 63.8° W 118 Hero R/V
  869151 11/6/1971 South Atlantic Ocean   84 – 85 Hero R/V
  869152 5/11/1971 South Atlantic Ocean   44 Hero R/V
  869153 10/20/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 54.6° S , 64.2° W 73 Hero R/V
  869159 10/20/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 54.5° S , 64.2° W 110 Hero R/V

Displaying 10 of 37 Specimens

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