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5 individual specimens found for Diplulmaris antarctica.

Diplulmaris antarctica Maas  Species

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"Umbrella: to 18 cm in diameter; mesoglea thin; exumbrella smooth. Marlia: 16, alternating with 1-3 marginal tentacles. Tentacles: 16-48, laterally compressed, with abaxial nematocyst warts along length. Oral arms: 4, frilled, curtainlike, length about equal to bell diameter, lip margin studded with nematocyst papillae. Gonads: 4, everted, saclike. Gastrovascular canals: total 32-96; rhopaliar canals: 16, with interjacent 1-5 tentacular canals between each rhopalium; all canals: proximally unbranched for innter 1/2-2/3 of length, distally anastomosing in an irregular network. Ring canal: near umbrellar margin. Color: according to color photographs by Rybakov [1976], umbrella: colorless; tentacles: whitish; and gastrodermis of stomach and of oral arms: reddish-orange."

(Larson, 1986)


"Three superb color photographs of D. antarctica appear in Rybakov's [1976] book. All of these photographs were taken at 10-m depth near the USSR research station Mirnyy, Davis Sea (S. N. Rybako, personal communication, 1979). The photographs clearly show the laterally compressed tentacles, nematocyst-studded oral arms, and the exumbrella with hyperiid amphiods.

R. Cowen kindly sent me a black-and-white picture of D. antarctica photographed near the surface near Cape Armitage, McMurdo Sound. That medusa also had a large number of hyperiids (? Hyperia macrocephala, tentative identification, R. Cowen) on its exumbrella.

Browne [1910] described in detail the development of this medusa from the ephyra stage. The ephyrae of D. antarctica and Phacellophora camtschatica are very similar."

(Larson, 1986)


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  53827 1/3/1957 Ross Sea 77.7° S , 166.2° E   Staten Island R/V
  58895 8/18/1964 Antarctic Ocean 62.4° S , 159.7° W 16 Eltanin R/V
  58897 10/17/1961 Antarctic Ocean 77.87° S , 166.69° E 128 – 136 Staten Island R/V

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