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Geographic Distribution

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Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

47 individual specimens found for Kymella polaris.

Kymella polaris (Waters)  Species


Original Description
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Original Description
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"Cyclicopora polaris sp. nov.

(Pl. III, figs. 5a-f)

This occurs both adnate and bilaminate, from the same locality. The zooecia in the bilaminate specimen are oblong, slightly raised, surface smooth, with a row of pores round the border, from which there are irregular suture-like lines and a similar median line. In the adnate specimen the zooecia are broader, and may be called subhexagonal to broadly ovate, and above the oral aperture there are 4 spines.

The oral aperture is wide, nearly round, with a very wide sinus. In some cases there are two small projections of the calcareous wall over the ends of the sinus. The operculum has a broad thickened border, reminding us of the opercula of some Membranipora, such as M. tenuirostris Hincks. The distal rosette plates are small and numerous, placed near the basal wall. The lateral plates are very large, with several pores, and are nearer to the frontal wall than to the basal. There usually seem to be four lateral plates.

This species recalls the Arctic Pseudoflustra palmata Sars, and in the present form the rosette plates more nearly approach to the Flustra type than they do in the Arctic species. The entirely separable operculum brings it near to species named Schizoporella.

HABITAT. — Exp. Antarct. Belge.

Nos 991 and 623, Tangles VIII. Lat. 70º 00' S.- Long. 80º 48' W. ; 500 ? met. ; +0.9 C." (Waters, 1904: 53)

Geographic Distribution

Exp. Antarct. Belge., Nos 991 and 623, Tangles VIII


Displaying 10 of 47 Specimens

Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  17484 1/8/1963 Antarctic Ocean 63.2° S, 58.8° W 73 Eltanin R/V
  17647 2/27/1976 Scotia Sea 59.46° S, 27.05° W 86 – 101 Islas Orcadas R/V
  18912 1/26/1972 Antarctic Ocean 64.79° S, 64.12° W 94 – 165 Hero R/V
  18913 1/25/1969 Antarctic Ocean 64.78° S, 64.06° W 15 Palmer Station R/V
  18945 1/8/1963 Antarctic Ocean 63.2° S, 58.8° W 73 Eltanin R/V
  18946 2/4/1968 Ross Sea 76.2° S, 165.1° W 494 – 498 Eltanin R/V
  18947 2/9/1969 Antarctic Ocean 64.2° S, 62.6° W 93 – 95 Hero R/V
  18948 3/1/1973 Antarctic Ocean 65.75° S, 65.07° W 31 – 45 Hero R/V
  20060 2/13/1968 Ross Sea 71.4° S, 170.7° E 160 – 164 Eltanin R/V
  20455 1/7/1972 Antarctic Ocean 64.76° S, 64.12° W 40 Hero R/V

Displaying 10 of 47 Specimens

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