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Geographic Distribution

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Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

6 individual specimens found for Himantozoum obtusum.

Himantozoum obtusum   Species


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"Himantozoum obtusum sp.n. Fig. 37 A, C.

STATION DISTRIBUTION. Sub-Antarctic: South Atlantic Ocean, Sts. WS 85, WS 93, WS 225, WS 228, WS 229, WS 231, WS 246, WS 249, WS 783, WS 871.

GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION. Patagonian Shelf (Discovery); off Patagonian Shelf down to 1098m.

(Discovery; from Challenger St. 320).

HOLOTYPE. St. WS 228, off Patagonian Shelf.

DESCRIPTION. Colony usually bi- or triserial. Uniserial at base and occasionally quadriserial before a bifurcation. Bifurcation as in other species of Himantozoum. Rootlets as in H. antarcticum.

Zooecia like those of H. antarcticum except that they are smaller and are rounded distally, without angles or spines (Fig. 37 A). " Tubulure " (of Calvet) present. Avicularia absent.

Ovicells on median zooecia very shallow, without associated spines (Fig. 37 A, C). Embryo develops in large sac in body cavity.

REMARKS. This species, which is confined to the Patagonian region, is very similar to H. antarcticum. In addition to its more slender colony, and the differences already noted in the zooecia and ovicells, there appears to be a slight difference in the shape of the opercula, those of H. antarcticum being more angular, their shape correspond­ing to the shape of the distal end of the zooecium. In H. obtusum the opercula of the fertile zooecia are a little longer and rounder than the others. The Challenger specimen was found among unnamed material." (Hastings, 1943: 424-5)

Geographic Distribution

Patagonian Shelf (Discovery); off Patagonian Shelf down to 1098m.


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  17653 2/14/1964 South Atlantic Ocean 52.8° S , 67.7° W 40 – 49 Eltanin R/V
  17654 2/14/1964 South Atlantic Ocean 52.5° S , 67.2° W 82 Eltanin R/V
  17656 3/14/1966 Scotia Sea 54.6° S , 57.1° W 124 – 128 Eltanin R/V
  17685 11/2/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 54.9° S , 64.3° W 263 – 285 Hero R/V
  17686 10/30/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 54.92° S , 64.16° W 493 – 511 Hero R/V
  17695 3/14/1966 Scotia Sea 54.6° S , 57.2° W 0 – 124 Eltanin R/V

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