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Geographic Distribution

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Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

90 individual specimens found for Beania erecta.

Beania erecta Waters  Species


Original Description
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Original Description
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"Beania erecta sp. nov.

(Pl. I, figs 8a-e)

Besides a specimen from 1012, in which the chief characters can be deciphered, there is a small imperfect one from 343.

The zooecia are erect, as in B. crotali Busk, B. hirtissima, var. conferta MacG., and B. fragilis Ridley, in all of which the connections occur at the base of the zooecium and the radicle also grows from the lower part. The oral aperture is large, and on each side, above the aperture, there is a rudimentary spine. On the side of the zooecium a large capitate avicularium is articulated, having a much prolonged mandible, and the mandibles have the double columella characteristic of B. magellanica B., and B. bilaminata Hincks, while the avicularium is broader than that of B. magellanica Busk.

The shape of the appendage of B. crotali B. in a specimen from Port Phillip Heads is exactly similar to the mandible of B. erecta, even to the contraction at the distal end, where the narrow mandible terminates, and it seems probable that B. crotali B. is degenerate B. erecta, having the appendages without mandibles. Upon putting a zooecium from spirit to water it quickly became much inflated, and the lateral walls between the attachment of the muscles bulged out, and was very transparent, showing the muscles through the walls (figs. 8c-d).

HABITAT. — Exp. Antarct. Belge.

No 343, Tangles IV. Lat. 71º 18' S.- Long. 88º 02' W. ; 435 met. ; —0.3 C.

No 1012, Tangles VII. Lat. 70º 23' S.- Long. 82º47' W. ; 480 met. ; +0.8 C." (Waters, 1904:30)

Geographic Distribution

Lat. 71º 18' S.- Long. 88º 02' W. ; 435 m.; Lat. 70º 23' S.- Long. 82º47' W. ; 480 m


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Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  17588 12/19/1971 Antarctic Ocean 62.32° S , 59.19° W 44 Hero R/V
  17590 12/19/1971 Antarctic Ocean 62.32° S , 59.19° W 44 Hero R/V
  17636 12/10/1971 Antarctic Ocean 65.2° S , 64.13° W 79 Hero R/V
  17638 1/8/1963 Antarctic Ocean 63.2° S , 58.8° W 73 Eltanin R/V
  17651 1/12/1974 Antarctic Ocean 63° S , 60.7° W   Hero R/V
  17652 12/15/1971 Antarctic Ocean 64.7° S , 62.6° W 97 Hero R/V
  18358 12/21/1971 Antarctic Ocean 62.3° S , 58.58° W 55 – 78 Hero R/V
  18359 4/1/1961 Ross Sea 77.85° S , 166.63° E 15  
  18360 7/31/1959 Ross Sea 77.85° S , 166.65° E 43  
  19864 3/28/1970 Antarctic Ocean 62.95° S , 60.85° W 154 Hero R/V

Displaying 10 of 90 Specimens

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