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Beania costata   Species


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"Diachoris costata, n. sp.

Cells elongated oval, posterior surface glistening ;. aperture protected by nine to twelve acute, sometimes furcate costae, which arch over and interdigitаte in the middle line ; four to six strong oral spines ; a рedunculate reclinate avicularium on one or, more usually, both sides, near the upper part of the cell.

Hab. Swain's Bay, Kerguelen's Island (Eaton) ; Falkland Islands (Darwin).

The cells have some resemblance to those of Beania australis, which, however, are more or less erect, are attached in a linear series to a connecting tube, and are without avicularia. In D. hirtissima, Heller, which otherwise much resembles the present species, there are no avicularia, and the back of the cells is set with numerous forked spines or setae." (Busk, 1876:116-7)


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  17627 4/23/1971 South Atlantic Ocean 54.8° S , 65.3° W   Hero R/V

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