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Geographic Distribution

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Bathymetric Specimen Dispersal

8 individual specimens found for Alcyonidium flabelliforme.

Alcyonidium flabelliforme Kirkpatrick, 1902  Species


Original Description
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Original Description
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Zoarium forming a flabelliform bilaminate expansion, spreading out from a short sub-cylindrical stem. Colour olive-brown. Texture soft and fleshy; surface smooth. Zooecia polygonal, about 0.75 x 0.55 mm., in circular groups, each group being composed of six or seven zooecia arranged concentrically round a small central zooecium 0.2 mm. in diameter.
Locality.—Cape Adare; washed up on the beach.
The new species is clearly related to A. flustroides (Busk), obtained by the Challenger from Station 142, south of Cape of Good Hope, 150 fathoms. In both species the zoarium is bilaminate, but the form of the colony in each case is very different; again, in Busk's species the zooecia are much more elongated and are arranged in irregular longitudinal lines.
The solitary specimen is 14 cm. in height, 12 cm. in breadth, and 1 to 1.5 mm. in thickness. The stalk is 1 cm. in height and 0.9 cm. in diameter. The surface, which is probably quite smooth in the living animal, is much wrinkled by the action of alcohol. The margin is rounded, but deeply incised in three places, thus giving rise to two smaller laminae growing in nearly the same plane as, and partly apposed to, the main lamina. On holding the specimen up to the light the zooecia and " brown bodies " are clearly visible. The orifices of the zooecia are flush with the general surface, and barely distinguishable. The tentacles appear to be about fourteen in number." (Kirkpatrick, 1902:289)

Geographic Distribution

Cape Adare


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
  17602 2/13/1968 Ross Sea 71.4° S , 170.7° E 160 – 164 Eltanin R/V
  21218 1/25/1968 Ross Sea 78° S , 178.1° E 655 Eltanin R/V
  21227 1/25/1968 Ross Sea 78° S , 178.2° E 647 Eltanin R/V
  21252 3/15/1964 Antarctic Ocean 62.7° S , 54.7° W 265 Eltanin R/V
  21254 3/23/1972 Antarctic Ocean 64.79° S , 64.11° W 73 – 100 Hero R/V
  21259 2/2/1967 Ross Sea 67.4° S , 179.9° W 223 – 232 Eltanin R/V
  21261 2/17/1976 Scotia Sea 60.5° S , 46.71° W 128 – 130 Islas Orcadas R/V
  21474 3/18/1982 Antarctic Ocean 66.13° S , 66.59° W 110 – 140 Hero R/V

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