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Geographic Distribution

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2 individual specimens found for Kebuita minuta.

Kebuita minuta Hartman, 1967  Species

Original Description
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Original Description
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Kebuita minuta, new species

Records: 11:3 sta. 993 (1); 13:9 sta. 1079 (1, TYPE); 16:33 sta. 272 (1).

Description: The largest specimen measures 8 mm long and 3 mm wide at the midregion or widest part; the body is short, grublike and narrowest in front and back. Setigerous segments number 22 or 23. The prostomium is broadly hexagonal; it has a straight frontal margin, and a pair of large, thick antennae articulating with the prostomium at its frontolateral margin; each is slightly longer than the prostomium is wide; there are no eyes or other surface marks, and the hinder margin of the prostomium is straight. The first segment or peristomium is a smooth ring, narrowest in front.

The first seven setigerous segments are short and broad; they are followed by seven inflated, flaccid segments, and these by seven slenderer, though similar, segments. The last ring is pygidial; it is so damaged that its structure cannot be determined.

The everted proboscis is a thin-walled pouch below the prostomium. Opaque, light yellow ova are visible in the body cavity, through most of its length. Parapodia are biramous but weakly developed; each consists of a low, thick ridge from which setae emerge. Most setae are very slender, long, capillary, smooth and directed laterally; a few, in middle segments, are much shorter, furcate, with tines of unequal length. An interramal papilla is present in abdominal parapodia.

Kebuita Chamberlin is known through a single species, K. glabra (Ehlers, 1887) off Havana in 175 fms. K. minuta differs from K. glabra in being much smaller; its length is only 8 mm, and it consists of 22 or 23 segments.

Distribution: Scotia Sea, in 300 m; South Orkney Islands, in 593­598 m; Antarctic Peninsula, in 412 m.”

(Hartman, 1967)

Geographic Distribution

Scotia Sea, in 300 m; South Orkney Islands, in 593­598 m; Antarctic Peninsula, in 412 m.


Type Status Catalog No. Date Collected Location Coordinates Depth (m) Vessel
Holotype 55553 4/13/1964 Scotia Sea 61.4° S , 41.9° W 593 – 598 Eltanin R/V
  56626 3/13/1964 Antarctic Ocean 61.4° S , 56.5° W 300 Eltanin R/V

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