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Belaturricula   Genus


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Original Description
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“Genus Belaturricula n.g.

Type: Bela turrita Strebel

The genus is provided for a large narrowly fusiform species with a tall spire, a bluntly rounded, paucispiral smooth protoconch, a short straight spout-like anterior canal and a very shallow Turriculid style of anal sinus, with the outer lip very little produced and parallel to the axis of the shell. The dentition is not known, nor has it been determined if an operculum is present or not.

The type species seems to be very similar to Watson's Pleurotoma (Surcula) dissimilis (1886, p. 298, pl. 26, fig. 3) from south-east of the Philippine Islands in 500 fathoms.

Strebel's shell has no resemblance to 'Bela ' auct., which name has long served as a dumping ground for species of uncertain affinity.

The sinus in the St. 159 example, recorded below, although shallow, is much more distinct than shown in Strebel's figure.”

(Powell, 1951: 170)


Unidentified Material

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