This interactive listing includes all Antarctic and Subantarctic marine invertebrate animals that are represented in the NMNH collections. As new specimens are acquired and identified, the database will be updated regularly. If the taxon you're looking for is not represented in our collections, you may be able to find it at one of the sites listed on our Additional Resources page.

To navigate the interactive tree, click the inactive node icon to expand the classification tree or the active node to contract it. You may also move your mouse over a taxon to get its description, or click it to view its description page.

The names used herein are updated as often as possible to reflect currently accepted taxonomy; if you cannot find the taxon name that you're searching for within the interactive tree, please try a keyword search. If your search term is a historic taxon name you will be directed to the taxon page where it appears in the synonymy. If you find a taxon in need of revision or updating, please contact us.

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