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Vessel Name Albatross
Collector United States Fish Commission
Station Number 4801
Station Number Note "D" STATION (Dredge and Trawl)
Expedition Northwestern Pacific Expedition
Year Collected 1906
Collecting Date Start 24 Jun 1906
Collecting Date End 24 Jun 1906
Collecting Depth From 107 (Fathoms)
Collecting Depth To 107 (Fathoms)
Collecting Depth Notes  
Water Depth Notes  
Time From 10:22 AM
Time To 10:40 AM
Ocean North Pacific Ocean
Sea Or Gulf  
Country Russia
Locality Precise Simushir Island, SE of
Collecting Gear Standardized lucas sounding machine; 12 foot Tanner beam trawl
Collecting Gear Notes  
Chart Designation British Admiralty 2405 and U.S. Hydrographic Office 2184 published Oct 1905
Latitude Centroid 46 46 40 N
Longitude Centroid 151 41 E
Source Of Centroid Lat Long  
Sediment Type coarse black sand and pebbles
Temperature At Depth Collected  
Ecological Zone  
Published Locality Published Locality: From Milne Bay, Simushir Id., Kuril Ids., To Hakodate,, Cape Rollin, Simushir Id., W. By N., 5 Miles.; Lost Frame, Net, Etc.; Only Bridle Came Up.
General Station Notes