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The United States Fish Commission Steamer Albatross was built in 1882 in Wilmington, Delaware as the first vessel especially made for marine research. The Albatross was equipped with two onboard laboratories, deep-sea dredging equipment, hydrographic instruments, and was the first US Government vessel to be equipped with electric lighting. The 234 foot vessel was in service in the North Atlantic Ocean, South Atlantic Ocean, North Pacific Ocean, South Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean until 1921. The Albatross cruises resulted in vast museum collections and a library of scientific papers, crediting it with discovering more new marine species than any other research vessel.

Additional information about the Albatross may be found at the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ocean Explorer page, the NOAA 200th Year Celebration page, NOAA History page or the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center page.

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