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USAP "Alumni"

Image of Santiago Herrera
Santiago Herrera
Santiago Herrera is from Bogotá, Colombia. After returning for another semester of classes and research, he will finish his Master’s degree on Biological Sciences (spring 2009) from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. He graduated in 2008 from the Biology and Microbiology B. S. programs at the Universidad de los Andes as well. After completing his Master’s he hopes obtain a PhD in Biological Oceanography and/or Evolutionary Biology using molecular, ecological and systematics tools. He was awarded a 2008 Smithsonian Fellowship, to develop a research project on the morphological variable traits of the bubblegum octocorals Paragorgia spp. This data will complement his Master’s thesis project on the molecular Phylogeny and Phylogeography of these organisms. Santiago spent the Summer of 2008 digitizing and photographing the Scleractinian corals for USAP. His principal research interests are: marine biology, deepsea ecosystems, evolutionary biology, systematics and conservation.

image of Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill

Ashley Hill is from the small town of Merritt Island on the east coast of Florida. In May 2008 she graduated from Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marine Biology. While in school she performed several research projects on the beaches of Brevard County and in the Indian River Lagoon. She also volunteered with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society in Indialantic, Fl and was involved in Beta Beta Beta, the biological honor society.

Ashley worked on digitizing the Decapod and Porifera collections for the USAP program. Her interests include evolution, sensory biology, and behavior of marine organisms and she would like to attend graduate school in the near future.

Image of Celeste Huaman
Celeste Huaman
Celeste Huaman is a senior at James Hubert Blake High School and will graduate in June 2009. She plans to attend UMBC and major in Biology. She hopes to find a career involving microbiology. Her interests include volleyball and soccer. She does community service at her local elementary school and helps preschool and kindergarten children. She volunteers at the Natural History Museum as part of an internship class in her school. She has been helping catalogue sea urchins.

Image of Adrian James
Adrian James

Adrian James has been working as a photographer on the project since October 2008. He has photographed and catalogued a variety of specimens including starfish, shells, sea slugs, and brittle stars. Microscopic specimens he has photographed include ostracods, nematodes, and many others. A large portion of the specimens require macro photography, as well as lighting for illumination or a macro flash kit. Generally, specimens smaller than 3-4 mm require him to use a microscope with camera mount, designed to capture these microscopic organisms.

In 2006 Adrian earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Portsmouth in England, where he has lived for the past 23 years. Following graduation, Adrian traveled for six months to eight South American countries overland, Mexico, and the United States. Adrian has always had a passion for wildlife photography, but his interest in pursuing a career in the field was cultivated by his experiences during his travels, namely in the Brazilian Pantanal. It was in the Pantanal where he met Erica, now his wife, which has led him to the Washington D.C. area and as a team member of the USAP project at NMNH.

Wildlife photography, landscape photography, traveling, and outdoor adventure are some of Adrian’s chief interests. He continues to pursue and welcome opportunities to expand his knowledge and experience in photography in hopes to blend a personal and professional passion in the field.

Image of Katie Kazimer
Katie Kazimer
Katie Kazimer is a resident of Fairfax Station, Virginia and is a rising senior at Yale University. She hopes to attain her Bachelor of Science in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 2009 while studying notothenioid fish with Professor Tom Near. She has also enjoyed working in the Peabody Museum’s Entomology and Invertebrate Paleontology departments. During the Summer of 2008, Katie digitized the ostracod and pycnogonid collections for the USAP program.

Image of Connie Liu
Connie Liu
Connie Liu is a student at Duke University in the Class of 2011, majoring in Environmental science and Policy and Political Science with an international concentration. Her interests include marine biology, film, archery, and travel.

She digitally edited photos and other visual media for the USAP project.

Image of Emily Robinson
Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson is originally from Hampton, Virginia and earned her BA in American Studies from The College of William and Mary. She continued her education at the University of Edinburgh, where she earned an MSc in Cultural Studies for her thesis on institutional decision-making in museums, and at George Washington University, where she earned a certificate in Museum Studies. Her museum career focus is collections management and she has held positions at Jamestown Settlement, National Museums Scotland, the Tobacco Farm Life Museum of North Carolina, President Lincoln's Cottage, the National Air & Space Museum, and the Division of Mammals here at NMNH. She also spent three years in the Electronic Resources Office of the Johns Hopkins SAIS Library.

Emily worked on cataloging and digitizing the echinoderm collection for USAP. The daughter of a biology teacher and a sailor, she has a keen interest in the history of marine science and is thrilled to be part of the USAP team.

Image of Stephanie Scilingo
Stephanie Scilingo
Stephanie Scilingo is from the town of Bloomingdale, Illinois, a suburb of the lovely city of Chicago. She is currently pursuing a BA in Geology and a minor in Biology at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. Her main interests lie in paleobiology and systematics. She is especially fond of invertebrates (both living and extinct) and dinosaurs. After finishing her undergrad, she hopes to go on to a Master's in Paleontology or a related field -- she's still exploring the endless possibilities.

Stephanie’s hobbies include horseback riding, photography, and anything outdoors. She enjoys hiking and traveling, especially to national parks. She digitized and photographed the Scyphozoa collection for the USAP program.

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Photos courtesy NMNH Museum Specialist Yolanda Villacampa, except where noted.

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