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Cerion (Strophiops) watlingense Dall, 1905

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Cerion (Strophiops) watlingense Dall, 1905:438, pl. 58, fig. 7; Clench, 1934:213.

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Geographic Distribution: Watling Island (San Salvador), Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: Watling Island (San Salvador), Bahama Islands

Type Material: Lectotype, USNM 132970


Clench (1934:213) reported this species from Victoria Hills, north end of Watling Island, and Green Cay, north of Watling's Island.  He noted there are two Victoria Hill settlements of San Salvador, one in back of Cockburn Town, the other (from which C. watlingense was collected during the 1934 Utowana Expedition), in the North Central part of the island.

Clench (1933) placed this species in the martensi group.

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