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Cerion (Strophiops) lucayanorum Clench, 1938

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Cerion (Strophiops) lucayanorum Clench, 1938: 326-327, pl. 25, fig. 2.

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Geographic Distribution: Great Abaco Island, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: N. W. portion of Mores Island, 32 mi. N. W. of Southwest Point, Great Abaco Island, Bahama Islands [26° 19.3' N, 77° 34' W]

Type Material: Holotype, MCZ 116017


"This species is closely related to C. maynardi P. & V. from the southern tip of Great Abaco Island. It differs from this species in being more attenuated in proportion to its width, possess­ing more numerous ribs and in having a less thickened lip. From C. abacoense P. & V. it differs in its greater proportionate attenua­tion and the less thickening of the lip. The ribs on the body whorl of C. lucayanorum are less in number as there are 31 to 38 on aba­coense as defined by Pilsbry (loc. cit., p. 249). From C. chrysaloides, known only from Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama Island, it differs by being very much larger and possessing more ribs on the body whorl (the three paratypes of chrysaloides received from Plate vary from 17-19 ribs.)." (Clench, 1938:326-326).

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