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Cerion (Strophiops) josephinae Clench, 1935

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Cerion (Strophiops) josephinae Clench, 1935: 49, pl. 3, figs. 1,4.

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Geographic Distribution: Long Island, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality

Tate's Bay, S. E. Long Island, Bahamas Islands. [ Nov. 19, 1923]

Type Material: Holotype, MCZ 76474

Additional Records

LI-50 USNM 1083063, Beach at end of road at Hard Bargain, Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 1.72' N, 74° 52.943' W]. On sand and under coccoloba leaves, on dunes about 200 m above from beach. Harasewych, Wise December 3, 2004

LI-49 USNM 1083062, Beach at E end of road at Dunmores, Long Island, Bahama Islands [23° 3.168' N, 74° 53.914' W]. On sand, between plants, on dunes about 5 m above sea level. Harasewych, Wise December 3, 2004

LI-52 USNM 1083065, On trail beyond end or paved road, 0.5 km S of Gordons Settlement, Long Island, Bahama Islands [22° 52.102' N, 74° 51.709' W]. on grass and trees, up to 1.5 m above ground Harasewych, Wise December 3, 2004

LI-53 USNM 1083066, Bay at end of trail, 1.7 km S of Gordons Settlement,, Long Island, Bahama Islands [22° 51.43' N, 74° 51.205' W]. On rocks, ground among low shrubs, continuous population with LI-52. Harasewych & Wise December 3, 2004

LI-30 = SJG 430 Long Island, Bahama Islands [22° 52.227' N, 74° 51.869' W]. December 9, 2001


Clench (1935) distinguishes it from C. melanostomum by its larger size, lack of any color, having axial lamellae absent or nearly so, and not having an umbilical ridge defined on its outer side by an incised line.

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