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Cerion (Umbonis) acuticostatum Sánchez Roig, 1948

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Cerion scalarinum acuticostatum Sánchez Roig 1948: 68, pl. 1, fig. 5; Clench, 1957:136.

Cerion (Umbonis) acuticostatum Clench & Aguayo, 1952: 421-422, pl. 52, figs. 3-4.

Cerion acuticostatum González Guillén, 2008:300, pl. 25, figs. 1-2.

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Geographic Distribution: Camagüey Province, Cuba.

Type Locality: north coast of Cayo Megano Grande, Camaguey, Cuba [22° 20' N, 77° 56' W]

Type Material: Holotype, collection of Dr. Sanchez Roig, no. 1001.

The holotype of this species is in the collection of Dr. Sanchez Roig, no. 1001. Paratypes are in the Museo Poey and the Museum of Comparative Zoölogy, no. 187375.

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