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Strophiops gigantea Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1921

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Strophiops ajax Maynard, 1924c:5 [new name for S. gigantea Maynard & Clapp, 1921, non S. gigantea Maynard, 1894].

Strophiops gigantea Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1921b:152, Pl.47, figs. 9, 10 [plate 47 never issued].; Harasewych et al., 2007:514, fig. 230.

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Geographic Distribution: New Providence and Adjacent Islands, Bahama Islands.

Type Locality: In wall on Village Rd. near Sherley St., Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas [24° 43' N, 76° 49' W]

Type Material: Holotype, MCZ 76244

The original description is based on a single specimen, the unique holotype, for which measurements were provided, but for which the illustrations were never issued.  MCZ 76244 contains a single specimen accompanied by two MCZ labels that  refer to this specimen as the holotype of Strophiops ajax, a replacement name for the preoccupied S. gigantea (see remarks).  A handwritten label with the specimen contains the name Strophiops gigantea, with "gigantea" partially erased and overwritten "ajax."  This specimen is the holotype both of S. gigantea and of S. ajax.


Strophiops gigantea Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1921 is a homonym of Strophia grayi gigantea Maynard, 1894.  Strophiops ajax Maynard, 1924 was proposed as a replacement name.  Gould and Woodruff (1986:480) attributed this fossil taxon to C. agassizi Dall, 1894.

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