Cerion fraternum Pilsbry, 1902

Original Description

 "[C. eximium] Var. fraternum n. v. Pl. 38, figs. 79, 80.

Shell finely rib-striate, streaked and striped with reddish-brown on a white ground, as in C. eximium, from which it differs in the following particulars: The form is short, broad and oval; whorls 8½; umbilical area much smaller; interior without a spiral ridge and gutter encircling the central column; parietal lamella decidedly stronger.

Length  17 2/3, diam. 9 mill.

Length  14 2/3, diam. 7 ½ mill.                                  San Salvador, (Bland)."

(Pilsbry, 1902:265-266).

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