Cerion (Maynardia) incanoides Pilsbry and Vanatta, 1895

Original Description

"Cerion (Maynardia) incanoides P. and V.

Shell resembling C. incanum in general aspect. Very thin; cylindrical, the lower three whorls of equal diameter, those above forming a convex, obtuse cone. Surface nearly smooth, as in S. incana; white or fleshy-white, the two nepionic whorls corneous brown, the following whorls of cone finely variegated with zigzag brown marking and speckling. Whorls 10, almost flat. Aperture ovate-truncate, brown inside; parietal lamina low and rather short; axial lamina sharp, strong within last whorl, but not over a whorl long; peristome narrowly reflexed, white, thin; parietal callus rather thin; umbilical rimation deep, sometimes perforate, the area below it broad, excavated, flaring. Alt. 30; diam. 11 mm.; alt. of apert. 11; diam. 9 mm. Turk's Island.

This species belongs clearly to the group of G. regina, lentiginosum, etc., but it is a very thin shell, smooth like incana, with which it has probably been confused in collections."  (Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1895:209-210)

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