Cerion pudicum Pilsbry, 1902

Original Description

"C. bryanti (Pfeiffer)

Var. pudicum Pilsbry, n. v. Pl. 46, figs. 17, 18.

      Still other shells exactly reproduce the color-pattern of C. rubicundum. The lower two or three whorls are dull purple between white ribs, this ground-color changing above to rose. Riblets on penult. whorl 27 to 31; and becoming very fine and low on the cone. The interior is brown or ochre-brown. Parietal lamella rather better developed than in typical bryanti. Of 12 specimens opened, 11 have the simple "Maynardia" parietal lamella, and one has a short accessory denticle beyond it, corresponding to the outer or spiral lamella of C. rubicundum.

      Specimens measure: 23 ½x9 mill.; 20x8 ¾ mill. The brown or white lip is somewhat more thickened than usual in C. bryanti.

      As to the genesis of this set of shells, I am much inclined to believe it an independent stock which has arisen from C. rubicundum by degeneration of the lamellæ, and in this feature has converged to the condition of bryanti. The specimens are from the Robert Swift and H. D. Van Nostrand collections, in that of the Academy."

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