Cerion multistriatum Pilsbry and Vanatta, 1896

Original Description

"Shell small and rather thin, short cylindrical; white, longitudin­ally marbled with gray or chestnut-brown. Whorls 8 to 8½ , the latter 2 or 3 about equal in diameter, the rest rapidly tapering, apex obtuse. Sculptured with excessively fine, close, sharp thread-like striæ, apical 2 whorls smooth. Aperture rounded obliquely, trun­cate; peristome narrowly reflexed; parietal callus very thin; axial fold median, moderate; parietal tooth extremely small.

Alt. 17, diam. 7; alt. of aperture 6½  mm.

Alt. 14, diam. 7; alt. of aperture 5 mm.

Crooked Island, Bahamas.

This is a small, extremely fine striated form with very small parietal tooth. It is represented in the collection of the Academy by only five specimens, given by Mr. H. D. Van Nostrand, and originally from Bland." (Pilsbry & Vanatta, 1896:335)

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