Strophiops mariae Maynard and Clapp, 1920

Original Description

The taxon name Strophiops mariae was first used and figured by Maynard (1920c [July 10]:96, fig. 88) as an example of his "Law of Specific Reincarnation" prior to the intended description of the species.  The association of a new species group name with an illustration of the taxon being named prior to 1930 makes the name Strophiops mariae available (Article 12.2.7, ICZN, 1999:17) prior to the intended description of this species (Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, 1921a [May 2]:128). The illustrations referenced in the intended description were published in the prior issue (Maynard, 1920d [September 30]: Plate 24, fig, 10, Plate 25, fig. 5), and depict two different specimens.   As Figure 88 is captioned "S. mariae M & C.," the taxon is attributed to Maynard and Clapp in Maynard, and dates from July 10, 1920

Intended taxon description:

55. S. mariae

Larger. 1.10 by .40; smooth or costate; costae, 43, low, narrower than interspaces, pale yellow streaked with red-brown, flesh-color within. Maria Key near Little Exuma. 96 smooth, 120 costste. Plate 24, fig, 10 [apertural view of costate specimen]; Plate 25, fig. 5 [left lateral view of smooth specimen].


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