Cerion (Strophiops) northropi Dall, 1905

Original Description

"Shell of moderate size, thin, delicate, cylindric, with two pale polished nuclear and nine subsequent whorls; white, with sparse narrow irregular oblique brownish streaks; body cylindric, the apex forming a short dome, last whorl hardly attenuated, with a closed umbilicus, simple, well reflected white peristome and feeble parietal callus; parietal lamina small, short (about 4 mm.), axial lamina sharp but hidden; sculpture of (on the penultimate whorl) about. 66 very fine, quite oblique, regular even ribs, with narrower interspaces, uniform over the whole shell.

Height or Shell.                         Aperture.                      Max. Diameter.

27.0                                           9.0                               10.0 mm.

30.0                                         10.5                               10.0   "

"Bahamas," Greegor (probably one of the westernmost islets near Gun Cay). U. S. Nat. Mus., No. 124,135.

This resembles externally C. Dalli Maynard, which has a long parietal lamina, and less closely C. milleri Pfr. of the Exuma group. There is no other species at all near to it figured by Dr. Pilsbry in the Manual.

            That which most suggests it is perhaps a depauperate variety of C. agrestinum Maynard, which is easily distinguished by its more solid character, ovate form, larger aperture and more conspicuous peristome. The specimens were obtained from some one of the small cays on the eastern side of Florida strait, but the donor, Mr. I. Greegor, was unable to find out which islet."  (Dall, 1905:442).

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