Cerion deani M. Smith, 1943

Original Description

"Shell small, subcylindric-ovate, translucent, rimate perforate, ground color cream-white, surface shining, ornamented with longitudinal chestnut colored flames which are about equal in area to the light ground.  Longitudinal growth lines numerous, rather fine, slightly oblique.  Spire somewhat swollen as compared with body-whorl, post-nuclear whorls 6½, nuclear whorls 2, the latter flesh color, the former slightly convex.  Suture moderately impressed, occasionally slightly puckered. Parietal lamella strong, deeply placed, light in color, axial lamella indistinct when present.  Peristome of the cream ground color, the terminals somewhat distant from one another, no change of color pattern visible upon the parietal wall.  Exterior chestnut colored pattern visible within the aperture."  (Smith, 1943:59-60).
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